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Aftercare – Get the maximum out of your new Swegway purchase

SWEGWAY-PRO are a lot more than just a Hoverboard Shop. Take a look at our aftercare and customer service, for example.

We have great pride and confidence in our scooters and aftercare and have a great reputation with our customers

Getting the full experience and full use of your investment is important to us. Therefore we offer the following:

  • Warranty: Battery & Board
  • Advice & tips on looking after your scooter
  • Advice on getting the best out of your Samsung battery
  • A refreshing selection of website content including; relevant industry news, articles, tutorials & interactive videos created & shared by our very own experts
  • Unboxing video

We have the highest degree of customer care. Our formula allows us to offer all our new Swegway owners value and an exceptional product due to our rigorous quality control protocols.

We have simple and straightforward warranty terms:
“The Swegwaypro comes with a one year board warranty and a six month battery warranty subject to proper care for, and reasonable use of our boards and their parts.”

Every single one of our Customers are deserving of the same respect in the long-run as they give their new purchase. Our mission is to grow a relationship of loyalty and respect from the moment of purchase and beyond.

We have comprehensive advice, tips and detailed information on our website. However, if customers have any questions our friendly team is always on hand to assist.

SWEGWAY PRO: manufacture, test and quality check to exceed the top standards of production and design. Our products are made to perform, endure and for optimal user comfort and safety.