UK Swegway Deal, Cheap Chrome Hoverboard SALE

UK Swegway Weekly Deal: Cheap Chrome Hoverboard SALE

This weeks exceptional UK Swegway Deal is the best ever at SWEGWAY-PRO. Buy our Cheap Chrome UK Certified Hoverboards at discounted prices. Exclusive to this week only!

UK Sale Swegway and Hoverboard Deals of the Week

Our DEAL OF THE WEEK just keeps getting better and better. This week commencing July 24th we’re making Swegways and Hoverboards for sale cheaper! Up until Sunday 30th July 2017, we’re making our Chrome UK Certified Hoverboards for sale as cheap as ever. With up to 75% off this Summer Sale you might have thought it couldn’t get any cheaper.

Well, at SWEGWAY-PRO UK we’ve made it even better to shop online from the UK’s #1 Swegway and Hoverboard store. Last weeks Deal of the Week included our Black Bluetooth LED Swegways at exception value for money. This week, we’ve stepped up our game and are now offering our CHROME GOLD and CHROME SILVER Swegways with free Bluetooth upgrade and Carrier Bag for only £229.99!

All our prices included FREE next day delivery and 12-month Warranty service. Hurry, however, as our weekly hoverboard deal is just that: weekly!


Cheap Hoverboard Sale UK

UK SALE Swegway Deal of The Week Cheap Hoverboard deals

This week only, we’ve introduced some fantastic Cheap Hoverboard and UK Swegways for Sale. As part of our Deal of the Week initiative, we’re releasing the best Hoverboards for sale at the cheapest value online since 2015.

Here is a quick round-up of this weeks fantastic Hoverboard deals and offers:

  1. CHROME GOLD + Bluetooth + BAG – £229.99
    This week only, we’ve made buying a UK Swegway and Safe Certified Hoverboard cheaper. Customers can now buy the best Swegways including our most popular Hoverboards at discounted rates!
  2. CHROME SILVER + Bluetooth + BAG – £229.99
    Our Chrome Silver Swegway for sale with Bluetooth upgrade and Carrier Bag makes this and the Chrome Gold deal a bargain! For just £229.99, customers can now enjoy up to 75% off this week with free next day delivery and 1-year warranty.
  3. Classic GOLD Swegway + BAG – £184.99
    This Hoverboard is the cheapest Swegway on our site. But don’t be fooled, as our Hoverboards are the safest in country. Fully UK Safe Certified Swegways are all we sell. Each board is fully MSDS tested, UL Certified, CE Certified and BS1363 fused. Our batteries are all Official Samsung cells and we inspect and test each Swegway before dispatch.

So buy yourself a PREMIUM UK Swegway and Hoverboard as you take advantage of our amazing Hoverboard Summer Sale. Don’t let this weeks deals pass you by!


UK Swegways & Cheap Hoverboards for Sale UK

UK Swegways & Cheap Hoverboards for Sale UK:

Cheap Hoverboards and Swegway Sale UK

Schools out and the kids are itching to go out and play! If you’re not careful however, your kids could be stuck indoors playing video games or just surfing the internet. Don’t let your children be a couch potato this summer! Buy your loved one UK Swegways as you take advantage of our Cheap Hoverboards for Sale. We are the UK’s No.1 Hoverboard and Swegway company, based in Leeds with centres throughout England.

Whether you’re based in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Essex, London, Scotland, Wales, Ireland or elsewhere in Great Britain, we have you covered. In fact, we deliver Hoverboards and Swegways to you with FREE next day service, nationwide.


Premium Hoverboard Protective Skins for Sale UK

Silicone Rubber Protective Swegway Skins Case for sale

Our most recent Swegway accessories include our Premium quality Hoverboard Protective Skins for sale, only in the UK. If you are taking advantage of our fantastic weekly deal and buying a Chrome Swegway, then perhaps you should consider buying one of our Silicone Protective Skin covers.

Our protective rubber skins for sale are exclusive for 6.5″ classic Hoverboards. So if you’re buying a Classic 6 or 6.5″ Swegway then this is the accessory that could save your board. We all love the way our Hoverboards look; this is why we place so much emphasis on the colour and design of our Swegways. So why not give your Hoverboard the TLC it deserves with one of our Protective Rubber Silicone Skins for sale?

Our Silicone Rubber Skin cases for sale give you Hoverboard the protection you need. It will protect your Swegway from Bangs, Scuffs, Scratches and other damages. This is highly recommended if you are buying the CHROME Swegways. Nobody wants their smooth chrome finish looking damages or scuffed!



View our full range of products at our online shop HERE.

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Hoverboards and Swegways for sale in Essex, UK

Hoverboards & Swegways for Sale in Essex, UK

If you’re looking for Hoverboards & Swegways for sale in Essex, then you’ve come to the right place. The UK #1 Hoverboard and Swegway company in the North-East of England offering free next day delivery nationwide. We even have our very own centre in Essex!

Hoverboards and Swegways for sale Essex UK

SWEGWAY-PRO have a fulfilment centre based in Barking, Essex. So visiting Essex was nothing new to us. Nevertheless, we wanted to document the little things that make this beautiful city unique. We wanted to outline the reasons why we are so proud to be offering our official Hoverboards and Swegways for sale in Essex, and why we have a base right here in Barking.

Our SWEGWAY-PRO Leeds team decided to go back to Essex and document our short stay while we were here. Essex is one of the biggest cities when it comes to Swegway and Hoverboard sales at our online Segway shop. It’s again no wonder why, however, as Essex is a big city thriving with a population exceeding 1.8million locals.

Each individual Swegway for sale at our online Hoverboard store is dispatched from our fulfilment centre in Essex. We chose to deliver our Swegways from this location due to the cities strategic position around the UK. It borders the counties of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire to the north, Hertfordshire to the west, Kent across the estuary of the River Thames to the south and London to the south-west. Due to this, it allows us to ensure that we are able to offer Swegways and Hoverboards with next day delivery.

Once our Swegway team landed in Essex, we were excited to enjoy the rest of our day; there’s so much to do here – on or off our Hoverboards!


Hoverboard & Swegway Company in Essex

SWEGWAY-PRO UK is the #1 Hoverboard and Swegway Company based in Essex, UK. We have centres in and around Great Britain, revered as one of the most localised business, providing Safe Genuine Hoverboards and Swegways for sale.

As we arrived in Essex, the weather was looking good and we had still many hours left in the day. Therefore, we planned to go visit Southend-on-Sea. This seaside town in Essex is a charm and a stones-throw away from the big city. With so much to do, we decided to hit the beach first. Once we arrived, we instantly thought to ourselves how convenient and fun it would be if we had brought along the X-Trail Off-Road Hummer Swegway with us. We would have been riding along the beach at full-speed unscathed by the sandy beach. Nonetheless, on this occasion we made it on foot.

After bathing in some sun and enjoying the fresh outdoor air, we wanted to uncover the history of Southend’s most iconic landmark. At the Southend Pier Museum, our Swegway team embarked along the Museum while enjoying some of the off mirrors that distort your image as well as some educational and historical exhibits. One of the best things we personally love about this particular Museum is that it is independent, entirely self funding and operated by volunteers.

SWEGWAY-PRO is an independent company established to provide UK Consumers with safe, certified, genuine Swegways for sale in Essex. Our colleagues are all Hoverboard specialists who have mastered the art of the Segway. Everyone at our UK offices can build a Hoverboard or Swegway with their eyes closed. This is because we’re passionate about Segways.


Swegway and Hoverboard Shop Essex, UK

Swegway and Hoverboard Shop Essex, UK

Being in the Swegway and Hoverboard retail business, we couldn’t help visit Essex most popular shopping centre in West Thurrock. While we couldn’t find a Swegway or Hoverboard shop here, we noticed how bustling the centre was full of consumers. This comes as nothing to us, as we know just how much the people of Essex love to shop!

The Lakeside Shopping Centre in West Thurrock, Essex, has an average 500,000 shoppers every week! This is a phenomenal amount of visitors and no doubt a testament to the booming local economy.

Lakeside has literally everything you need under one roof. Whether it be Argos or a gadget shop, Essex has it all. Although we couldn’t find Hoverboards at the Lakeside, Swegway Pro caters to anyone wanting to buy a Hoverboard for sale in Essex. We provide free next day delivery and 1-year warranty to everyone who buys a Hoverboard at our Swegway Shop.

Furthermore, our Hoverboard fulfilment centre in Barking means that locals in Essex can pick up a Segway in person. Imagine that you wanted to get a last-minute gift – quite literally – and next day delivery doesn’t cut it fine enough. If you’re local to us, you can choose to place your order and pick up your Hoverboard all in the same day!


UK Swegways & Hoverboards for Sale Essex

UK Swegway Company Safe Certified UK Hoverboards for sale

As usual, all our UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale in Essex and around the rest of Great Britain are 100% from UK STOCK. Furthermore, our Segway boards are safe certified and UK approved. We have full certifications including MSDS tests, CE and UL certificates. Our plugs are BS1363 approved fused. Our batteries are official genuine Samsung battery cells, certified independently for safety and reliability.

In addition, we single-handedly open each individual Swegway package prior to dispatch to fully test the product. This ensures that your Segway board reaches you in the best condition. It also ensures that no board is sent to our customer without it being approved by our personal benchmark of safety and reliability.

SWEGWAY-PRO have the best Swegways and Hoverboards for sale in Essex and the rest of Great Britain.


View our full range of products at our online shop HERE.

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Hoverboards for sale UK Friday July 21st 2017

Happy Friday: Todays Hoverboards for sale UK

We would like to wish all our wonderful UK Swegway customers a Happy Friday! This article will aim to break down todays Hoverboards for Sale at our online store. Today is Friday 21st July, and there’s no better day than today to buy a Swegway and Hoverboard for sale in UK.

Happy Friday Swegways and Hoverboards for sale UK

Today marks the end of the weekday, and most – if not all – of you are looking forward to the summer weekend! Furthermore, we know that for most of you, today marks the end of your children’s school season. That means the 8 week summer holidays begins!

That’s right, your kids will be either sat at home on their Playstation/Xbox, or itching to jump outside and play with some friends. The thing is, over the last couple of years, Swegways have been the #1 gadget and most of your kids friends will be playing on their Segway.

Don’t let your child be the only one without it! Join the craze this summer and buy your loved ones a Hoverboards for sale today! There’s no best time to buy a Hoverboards for sale in the UK. That is due to our fantastic July 2017 Summer Sale. We recommend that you hurry, however, as the 75% sale ends soon!

HAPPY FRIDAY: Swegways for Sale UK

Happy Friday - Swegways for Sale UK

Happy Friday from SWEGWAY-PRO UK. Say hello to the weekend with one of our amazing official Swegways for sale. This July 21st 2017 and the rest of the weekend marks good sunny weather and a great time to be outdoors. For most kids, it marks the final day at school and your child is probably itching to play on their UK Swegway!

This morning we heard on the news that today will be the busiest day for airports in England, with UK airspace being at maximum capacity. We’re not surprised, as the time had come for the big 8 week holiday while school is out! Enjoy your time with your family and loved ones.

At SWEGWAY-PRO, we advocate family time. We love it when children spend their time productively – rather than on their game consoles, indoors. In fact, we highly recommend buying one of our Swegways for Sale as without a shadow of a doubt this will encourage your children to play outside.


Happy Friday: UK Swegway & Hoverboard Deals

Our Happy Friday summer Uk Swegway and Hoverboard deals are not to be missed. We have the widest range of UK Safe Certified Official Hoverboards for Sale with the cheapest deals ever!

UK SALE Swegway Deal of The Week Hoverboard deals

Don’t forget to take advantage of this weekends DEAL of the WEEK! After Sunday, all our deals this week will be reset and no other offer will be guaranteed. So beat the countdown clock and buy yourself a UK Swegway or Hoverboard for sale at the best deals online!

Here is a short breakdown of our latest UK Hoverboard deals and offers for sale:

  1. Our Classic GOLD Swegways for sale are currently at the lowest deals they’ve ever been. For just £184.99, this board is guaranteed our cheapest safe certified official Hoverboards for sale in the UK.
  2. For this weekend only, buy our BLACK Bluetooth LED Swegway with a FREE carrier bag included for just £199.99. With free next day delivery and 12-month warranty, these unique Hoverboards for sale are not to be missed. Grab yourself a once in a life-time bargain this week!
  3. PURPLE CHROME Bluetooth LED Hoverboard with Free Bag for just £239.99. The most popular Chrome Hoverboard in the UK is now on sale at our cheapest ever rate. Don’t regret this opportunity and bag yourself a cheap chrome hoverboard at our online Segway shop now!
  4. GOLD 10″ Mammoth Swegway for just £249.99! We have never sold our Mammoth Swegway this cheap. It is the best deal you will find on the internet, guaranteed. This Hoverboard for sale is usually £504.99, but with up to 75% off this sale, you can buy the same Genuine UK SAFE Certified Hoverboard for sale at a fraction of the price.

HAPPY FRIDAY: Hoverboard & Kart Deal UK

Swegway, Hoverboard and Kart Deal Bundle UK deals

This Friday 21st  July 2017, take advantage of the UK’s most popular Hoverboard & Kart Deal. For just £249.99 you can now double the amount of fun on your Swegway. Convert your Hoverboard in to a Go-Kart and whizz around your Hoverkart like a pro!

This Hoverboard & Kart deal bundle is the UK’s most popular deal, saving you so much money while doubling the amount of fun on your Swegway. For a fraction of the price and with 12-month UK Hoverboard warranty as well as FREE next day delivery, there is no other Hoverboard deal better online.

As with all our UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale are fully UK Compliant, UK Certified, UK SAFE. In fact, the reason SWEGWAY-PRO exists today as a company, was to advocate safer Hoverboards in England and the rest of the United Kingdom. We have always been at the forefront of the SAFE Hoverboard market. In 2015, we appeared on several Radio Stations as well as Yahoo! News discussing the dangers of unsafe Hoverboards flooding the market. We existed to provide assurances to the UK consumer that they could still buy a SAFE Swegway.

For your peace of mind, buy from the leading Hoverboard and Swegway company in the UK. Based right here in Leeds, West Yorkshire as well as centres throughout Great Britain, there is no other place to buy a Hoverboard. SWEGWAY-PRO is the one place that provides the customer with 100% satisfaction, peace of mind, 24/7, guaranteed.


View our full range of products at our online shop HERE.

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Swegways for Sale in London UK

Swegways for Sale in London, UK

If you’re looking to buy UK Swegways for Sale in London, you’ve come to the best place. SWEGWAY-PRO UK sell only the best official UK Safe Certified Hoverboards with FREE next day delivery. In and around London, there is no other Hoverboard and Swegway supplier based in London offering peace of mind like we do.

The last time we visited London, we had so much fun. Recall back in 2015 when it was decided that Hoverboards and Swegways would be banned on the streets of England. Unless of course you had a licence and insurance for it! But we wasn’t convinced that the police cared so much. A group of people decided that they would ride their Swegways in London and often in the presence of Police officers. Although we never condone such behaviour, we found it fascinating nonetheless. This is when the following video below was born:


Hoverboards for Sale in London, UK

The SWEGWAY-PRO team were so excited to come back to London, as usual. Visiting London never gets old, especially coming from up North in Leeds, West Yorkshire, which is tiny in comparison to the capital of England.

We’re very proud to be providing our wonderful customers Swegways & Hoverboards for sale in London. Something special about London and its people. For starters, we’re always fascinated by the amount of talent throughout this big city. From singers to dancers and from buskers to comedians. London does not fall short of talent. One of the most strikingly noticeable thing about London is that there are people from all walks of life roaming the city. It reminded us a little but of our Hoverboards. People in the city looking for a Hoverboards for sale in London often have their own preference of Swegway models and colours. It is no surprise that the variety of Swegway customers from London do not have a particular preference. We could never pinpoint a London customers preference of Hoverboards for sale.

This is because London is vibrant and different in its’ own right. It is big and beautiful and unapologetically different. We could see our own business at Swegway-Pro encompassing everything that London has to offer. Our Swegways for sale in London are from 100% UK Stock. We have the widest variety of designs and colours, as well as models.


Swegways & Hoverboards for Sale London

SWEGWAY-PRO UK are proud to be the #1 seller of Swegways and Hoverboards for sale in London and the rest of the united Kingdom. We stock the best Swegways the UK has to offer.

Swegways and Hoverboards for Sale London UK

While in London, we decided to be tourists in our own right. Coming from Leeds, West Yorkshire, we don’t often get the opportunity to visit London as much as we’d like to. So we packed our bags and along with our UK Swegway team, we took on the streets of London.

According to VisitLondon, Regent Street – which crosses Oxford Street and Oxford Circus – as well as Bond Street, Covent Garden, Kings Road, Knightsbridge and Westfield are the best places to visit when shopping. We wanted to see if Swegways were available at the high streets of London. On this journey, we couldn’t believe how bustling the shopping areas were! So many people were on the high streets in search for something to buy, shopping for the latest designer wear, or the best gadget.

It’s a testament of just how booming the London scene is. Londoners are full of energy and when it comes to shopping, they’re not messing about. The Designer Swegways for sale in London are the most popular amongst our customers here in this big city. It came as no surprise that designer outlets and stores are big business here. From Burberry to Gucci to the world-famous Harrods store (which by the way, Segways are for sale here).


Cheap Swegways for Sale London UK

Cheapest Hoverboard Swegway Sale UK

SWEGWAY-PRO currently have a UK SUMMER SALE offering the best Cheap Swegways for Sale in London and the rest of UK. This Summer, prepare yourself for up to 75% off our Hoverboards and Swegways for sale.

Our Swegway team were very excited to visit Harrods on Brompton Road during our journey. We love going there because although nothing is cheap, it’s a lot like going to the museum. No doubt probably the biggest window shoppers in the building – sorry not sorry!

On our way to the toy store area of Harrods, we noticed that they were selling the official Segway – which is far too expensive for us – although is definitely fun to ride. If you’ve never done a Segway tour before then we recommend you do! Once we arrived, we found two types of Swegways and Hoverboards for sale at the London Harrods. Firstly, the Hovertrax board for sale was for an astonishing £449. Our Hoverboards for sale in London and the rest of England are currently on Sale and 75% off this summer.

You can buy  Swegway for as little as £184.99 with free next day delivery and 1-year warranty. Furthermore, our Hoverboards are fully UK Safe Certified and Compliant with all British and EU safety standards. We have all the prestigious safety certifications that guarantee the safety of our boards. Making us proud to be one of the only UK Swegway Companies offering the best Swegways in the UK.


Cheap Hoverboard Sale London, UK

If you’re based in the big city and looking for a cheap Hoverboard for sale in London or the rest of the UK, then look no further. Cheap doesn’t have to be bad quality. In 2015, we established ourselves with the idea of providing the UK consumer with a UK product, designed specifically for British customers.

This means that all our Hoverboards for sale are from 100% UK Stock. Furthermore, each board is MSDS tested, CE Certified, UL Certified. Our batteries are original official Samsung battery cells. All of our boards guarantee 100% safety and our testament to this is our 12-month warranty service, free with every Hoverboard sold.

Although we have a 75% summer sale this month making our boards cheap, we still maintain the best in Swegway quality. The Boards sold before our Summer Sale for £379.99 are the same boards we currently sell for £184.99. All prices are set to increase again to their original retail value as we edge closer to Christmas time, so hurry and grab yourself  bargain before this sale ends!

No matter where you are in England, be sure to get yourself an official UK Swegway or Hoverboard this year form the #1 Hoverboard seller. We are the original Swegway company, established in 2015. Revered as one of the best in customer service and most reliable Swegways in the UK. Don’t be fooled by cheap Swegways flooding the market, as you could be putting your loved ones are risk, or be left with a board that’ll need repairing.


View our full range of products at our online shop HERE.

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Protective Silicone Swegway Skins for Sale

Protective Silicone Swegway Skins for Sale

Introducing our newest line of Hoverboard accessories at SWEGWAY-PRO. Take a look at our range of Protective Silicone Swegway Skins for Sale right here!

Silicone Rubber Protective Swegway Skins Case for sale

Due to popular demand, we have now released our newest Hoverboard accessories. The Silicone Protective Swegway Skins protects your UK Swegway from scratched and damage. Have you recently purchased a UK Hoverboard and are worrying that your pride and joy might be scratched or damaged anytime soon? If so, then the Protective Silicone Hoverboard Skins are just the thing for you.

Our beloved customers can now protect their Swegway asset by simply sliding across the rubber casing across each end of the wheels. The fully protective rubber skins will cover 90% of your Swegway and therefore provide 360º protection from bumps and scuffs.

When you buy one of our UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale, why not add one of our Protective Silicon Rubber Skins for as little as £19.99 and protect your Hoverboard from all future damage.


Protective Rubber Casing for Hoverboard Sale

Silicone Rubber Protective Swegway Skin Case

Our high quality protective rubber casing for your Hoverboard is now on sale. Take advantage of this months Summer Sale and get free UK delivery. Our Rubber Swegway cases come in various colours and designs, including:


However, if you’re after a particular colour for you Rubber Protective Swegway Casing then please contact us. We have some of the largest selection of Rubber Cases for sale.

With up to 75% off this Flash Summer Sale, you can grab yourself a Classic Hoverboard or Swegway for as little as £184.99 with free next day delivery, 1-year warranty and a Rubber Skin for as little as £19.99.


Rubber Swegway Skins for Sale UK

Orange Black Silicone Rubber Protective Swegway Skin Case

Our Premium high quality Rubber Swegway Skins are on sale at SWEGWAY-PRO UK. Not only do these rubber skins provide your Hoverboard with full protection from scratches and scuff, but the cool designs give your Hoverboard with an extra edge.

Make your friends jealous this summer with our latest camouflage designs. Guaranteed to turn heads, you’ll get the best of both worlds: protection and design.

As with everything we do at SWEGWAY-PRO UK, our Rubber Protective Skins or Swegways are from 100% UK Stock. That means that we’ve ensured that they have passed our rigorous safety, quality and rigidity tests before they go on sale. Buying a Swegway or Hoverboard from us gives our UK customers the peace of mind that no other Swegway Seller can offer.

Join the Swegway Family this summer and buy yourself our state of the art Protective Rubber Silicone Skins for sale!


View our full range of products at our online shop HERE.

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Swegways and Hoverboards for sale Manchester UK

Swegways & Hoverboards for Sale Manchester

We love the city of Manchester. All our Swegways & Hoverboards for sale in Manchester are from UK Stock. We take a visit back to our founding partners roots. There is no other place on earth we would rather sell than this ever-growing city.

Hoverboards and Swegways for sale Manchester UK

Last weekend we decided to visit Wales. This time, we took a stroll through the streets and bustling city of Manchester. We hold this place very dear to our heart for so many reasons. Firstly, our founding partners originally come from Didsbury and so we know a thing or two about Manchester. Returnin here was nothing new to us, but a rather a walk through memory lane.

When our customers are looking for a Swegway for sale in Manchester, we feel very proud to sell them the safest and most sought-after Hoverboards in the UK. Our 45 minute drive form Leeds was a breeze as usual. We felt extra excited about coming back to our city on our UK Swegway tour. This article outlines the few places we visited and our humble feelings along throughout this journey.


Hoverboards for Sale Manchester, UK

Hoverboards for sale Manchester, UK

At SWEGWAY-PRO, we’re proud to be offering Hoverboards for Sale in Manchester, UK. On this Swegway journey we decided to visit our favourite city. our first stop once we arrived was the Trafford Centre. We remember when the Trafford Centre was the place to be, and growing up here gave us a sense of nostalgia. From the moment we stepped in to the Orient, we had a feeling of warmth. It was busy as usual, bustling with people from all walks of life. We have always been proud of Manchester being a dynamic multi-cultural city. Instantly, we felt how our Swegway boards reflected the same. No two Swegway colours for sale at our store is different inside. It’s just a matter of preference, however, inside our Hoverboards are all the same.

Regardless of the colour you choose within our Classic Hoverboard range, the components within them are all the same. Our boards are made from the highest premium quality electrical components, fully safe certified and durable enough to withstand the whole life-span of the board.

Manchester is a huge city full of people. The economy of this great city is evidently booming, and this is reflective in the spending power of its people. We witnessed people with bags of newly purchased products from the stores. It is no wonder why a large number of our Swegways are sold from people in Manchester.

Next door to the Trafford Centre is the Chill Factore development. We decided to pay this place a visit and get in to our Snowboarding gear. We love everything to do with boards. Although we’re Pro’s at Hoverboards and Swegways, we’re not too bad on the Snowboard, either. Just off the edge of Leeds there’s a place known as XScape where we usually ride our boards, so we decided to try somewhere different.


Swegways for sale in Manchester, UK

If you’re looking for UK Swegways for sale in Manchester, there is no other place than SWEGWAY-PRO.

Swegways for sale Manchester, UK

Our next stop in Manchester was the city centre. We haven’t been back here for some while, so we were excited to see what’s changed. The moment we landed, we witnessed how amazing this city was. New developments engulfed the bustling city. One particular thing we loved, that Leeds doesn’t have is the tramline. The trams give the city a unique character and made us even more proud to have such services running through the centre of Manchester.

After walking around the busy city of Manchester, we ended up in Deansgate. We were chuffed to see how rejuvenated this development was, the place where major companies reside. Within Deansgate itself, there’s so much to do in terms of food and beverage. We visited a place known as Scene where we relaxed at the terrace before enjoying some of the best food we’ve had in a long time.

They say it always rains in Manchester, but this summer has been kind. The sun was blessing the city and so afterwards we visited Salford Quays. The beautiful waterfront makes strolling across it a real charm. We came across a sign stating “no swimming” but this didn’t stop a local resident jumping in and cooling off! We stopped for a moment to think about how the people of Manchester love the adrenaline. Perhaps this is why we sell so many of our UK Swegways in Manchester. Another popular add-on sold here is the Hoverkart, whereby customers are able to convert their Hoverboard in to a Go-Kart. Our SUMMER SALE now lets you save even more money by buying the Classic Swegway and Kart bundle, all in one for just £249.99!


UK’s #1 Hoverboard and Swegway Company

It is no wonder why SWEGWAY-PRO is the UK’s #1 Hoverboard and Swegway company. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, we offer the best in Swegways and Hoverboards for sale. Our SAFE Certified Swegways come with FREE next day delivery and 1 year warranty. Take advantage of our UK SUMMER SALE this month and get up to 75% off all our Hoverboards for sale at our online Swegway shop.


View our full range of products at our online shop HERE.

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Swegway Hoverboard Rush Summer Sale UK

Join the Swegway & Hoverboard Rush this Summer Sale

Join the most anticipated UK Swegway and Hoverboard rush during the July 2017 Summer Sale! Don’t miss out on the best safe certified Segways for sale in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

2017 UK Swegway Hoverboard Summer Sale


This summer, we’ve rolled out some of the most amazing Swegway and Hoverboard deals and offers. Our July 2017 Summer Sale has enabled our wonderful customers to buy the cheapest Hoverboards in UK. Having said this, we still provide our UK consumers with the safest Swegways in the country. Our Hoverboards for sale are from 100% UK Stock, Fully UK SAFE Compliant and come with full safety certifications.

Our UK Swegways are MSDS tested, CE certified, UL certified and come with official Samsung batteries for optimum safety and performance. All our plugs are from BS1363 approved UK fused standards. Furthermore, we single handedly open each individual package prior to dispatch to ensure that you are receiving the best Swegways in the country. Due to this, our benchmark of safety, reliability, performance and rigidity ensures that not a single Hoverboard is sold without thorough testing.

This Summer, we’ve released some of the best Hoverboard deals in England. Join in the Swegway and Hoverboard rush while you can, as our deals are here for a limited time only! In accordance with our recent Summer Sale offers, we also have our weekly deals and offers with our deal of the week initiative. Have a look at what amazing hoverboard offers are available this week and grab yourself a bargain!


Summer Sale: Cheap Hoverboards UK

Cheap Hoverboards for sale Cheap Swegways UK

The big Summer Sale is now on! Our Premium High Quality UK Hoverboards for sale are now cheaper than ever. At SWEGWAY-PRO UK we’ve always warned people against buying cheap Hoverboards and Swegways. The reason is that most vendors who offer the cheapest Segways are usually undercutting. Cheap Swegways usually come at a cost to the customer in the form of safety or reliability. Due to this, Cheap Hoverboards for sale are often neglected when it comes to the safety of the user. At Swegway-Pro UK, we are revered as having the safest premium Hoverboards in the country. Furthermore, we have always been advocating safe boards since our establishment in 2015.

SWEGWAY-PRO UK are now offering the best Hoverboards for sale in the UK at the cheapest price possible. Our premium UK Swegways adhere to all UK and EU Safety Standards, as well as our very own quality assurance. To list a few, here are the perks of buying a UK Swegway and Hoverboard from us:

  1. Fully Certified SAFE Swegways
  2. 100% UK Stock
  3. FREE 1-Year Warranty
  4. FREE Next Day Delivery
  5. 24/7 Customer Support
  6. Specialists in the Hoverboard and Swegway field
  8. Official Samsung Batteries
  9. MSDS tested, CE Certified, UL Approved
  10. We inspect and test each Swegway or Hoverboard before dispatch
  11. Premium High Quality Hoverboards
  12. Best customer service in the country


Summer Sale: Best Swegways UK

Summer Sale, Best Swegways UK

This summer sale, we’re offering the best Swegways in the UK for less. Our wonderful customers can now buy a Premium high quality Hoverboard at the cheapest rates thanks to our UK SUMMER SALE.

This July, take advantage of our greatest offers, with up to 75% off our retail price. Buy a UK Swegway for as little as £184.99, including free next day delivery and 1-year warranty. Our Classic Swegways for sale are the best in the country. With full UK Safe Certifications and high benchmark of quality and reliability, you’ll know that you’re getting a safe reliable Swegway.

Buying from SWEGWAY-PRO UK, you’re not only buying a Hoverboard. By buying from us we give you access to the largest and reputable Swegway family in the UK. You’ll have 24 hour customer support from our UK team. You’ll have 12 month warranty. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure that you’re getting the best out of your Swegway.

Don’t miss out on our amazing deals and offers this Summer. If you would like more information please contact us on 0113 320 2299, or fill in our contact form here.



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UK Sale Swegway and Hoverboard Deals of the Week

UK SWEGWAY Weekly Deal: Bluetooth LED Hoverboard Sale

Introducing our latest UK Swegway deal of the week! The Bluetooth LED Hoverboard for sale. For THIS WEEK ONLY, our Black Bluetooth Disco Segway for sale is just £199.99!

UK Swegway Black Bluetooth LED Hoverboard Sale Deal

At SWEGWAY-PRO UK we introduced our Weekly Swegway Deals, whereby we announce a new Hoverboard deal every week. Last week, our Swegway offer was groundbreaking. However, this week we’re giving you amazing value and saving you even more on our UK Swegways for sale.

If you didn’t get the chance to take advantage of last weeks weekly deal, then perhaps this week you can grab the opportunity to save yourself on our cheap hoverboards for sale. Buy a Premium High Quality Black UK Swegway with Bluetooth and LED Disco lights at a fraction of the cost! Our cheapest LED Bluetooth Swegway deal ever. For just £199.99, you’ll get a FREE bluetooth and disco LED upgrade, as well as FREE Swegway bag carrier case.

Furthermore, you’ll also get FREE next day delivery, 1-year warranty and a customer aftercare service revered as one of the best in England.


Hoverboard Deal & Swegways for sale UK

UK SALE Swegway Deal of The Week Hoverboard deals

This week we announce the best Hoverboard deal of the week so far. Our latest UK Swegways for sale on offer include the following:

  1. BLACK Swegway + Bluetooth + LED + FREE BAG
    This is the latest on offer this week. Our most popular Swegway is now cheaper than ever. For only £199.99, you can now take advantage of buying the BLACK Bluetooth Swegway with all it’s added extras for a fraction of the retail price. Hurry, however, as this is only a deal of the week, Therefore, it will not be around long!
  2. Classic GOLD Swegway + FREE BAG
    We introduced this offer last week, but have decided to keep it rolling for this week only. Due to popular demand, we have kept this Swegway deal running for an extra week! The cheapest hoverboard for sale. Customers can now buy a UK SAFE Certified Swegway for sale at a fraction of the retail price, for just £184.99. We’ll even throw in a free carrier bag, too. All prices also include free next day delivery and our award-winning 12-month warranty service.
  3. Purple CHROME + Bluetooth + LED + FREE BAG
    Our PURPLE Chrome Bluetooth Swegway with Disco Lights and Free Bag. This is a deal we introduced this week due to popular demand. Our Chrome Purple Swegways seem to be the most popular Hoverboards for sale in UK. Our Classic standard Chrome Swegways usually cost £389.99, and although they’re on offer during our SUMMER SALE for only £249.99. However, customers can now buy the upgraded Disco LED + Bluetooth Purple Chrome Swegway for even less! For only £239.99, you’ll be getting the best Chrome Swegway for sale, at the best value in UK.
  4. Gold MAMMOTH 10″ Swegway + Bluetooth
    For a limited time only, we have introduced a whopping 10 inch Swegway deal. For only £249.99, customer can now take advantage of the 10″ off-road Mammoth Swegway. These Hoverboards are the biggest and boldest Swegways for sale. Riders can handle tougher terrain on these Segways thanks to their larger inflatable tyres and higher ground clearance.


Swegway & Kart Deal UK

Hoverboard UK Swegway and Kart deal, Hoverkart Bundle

Don’t forget our biggest Hoverboard deal yet! The Swegway and Kart bundle is the UK’s most popular offer. Riders can now convert their Hoverboard in to a Go-Kart and enjoy twice the amount of fun. If you’ve never ridden on one of those Swegway Karts before, then prepare yourself for the most exhilarating ride of your life. It’s so much fun!

Our wonderful UK Swegway customers can now enjoy twice the savings by purchasing the latest Classic Swegway and Kart with our Hoverboard and Kart bundle. For only £249.99, you can now have a Hoverboard and Kart delivered to your door the next working day. Our 1-year warranty still applies on the Swegway and you’re still getting the safest Hoverboards in England.



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UK Swegway Hoverboard UK Weekend Wales

Our UK Swegway & Hoverboard Weekend in Wales

This weekend the team from the UK’s #1 Hoverboard and Swegways company visited Wales as part of our expansion project. From the moment we arrived, we fell in love with the country and its people!

SWEGWAY-PRO UK have experienced a growth in sales over the years from the country of Wales. Coming from Leeds, West Yorkshire, we wanted to meet the wonderful people of Wales for ourselves.

Our journey from Leeds to Wales was quite the distance. Throughout the almost 5 hours drive to Cardiff, we couldn’t help but think to ourselves whether this could have ever been done on our Swegways or Hoverboards for sale. Of course, we didn’t dwell too much on this subject, because unlike our last 10k Charity Run article, this wasn’t anywhere the same distance!

Driving to Wales from Leeds didn’t feel like 5 hours, thanks to the company we had. It made us contemplate why SWEGWAY-PRO is the UK’s leading Hoverboard seller. Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t feel like a job to us. It is the company amongst us that drive the business. It is the passion for Swegways that makes us so unique.

As soon as we landed in Wales, we noticed how beautiful the landscape was. The vast land and the curvy roads made us want to stay forever! The SWEGWAY-PRO team are real suckers for nature, so we unanimously fell in love with the country.


Swegways for sale Wales, UK

Swegways for sale Wales UK

Our SWEGWAY-PRO logo is as red as the the Welsh Dragon. This is to emphasise our reach of Swegways for sale in Wales as well as the rest of the UK. In fact, our mission to Wales from Leeds was to meet the very people who buy our boards. Once we met the people of Wales, we wanted to understand how we could better our services for this beautiful country.

We were amazed at how Hoverboards in Wales was so much fun in comparison to riding a Swegway in England. We already mentioned the vast landscape. The windy roads – if it was indeed legal. But what we didn’t prepare ourselves for was the beautiful close-knit communities that we were exposed to. Everybody knows that riding a Hoverboard or Swegway in the UK is best done with friends. This is something that Cardiff and the rest of Wales is not short of. In fact, we were reminded of how success in our business was achieved. It was for this very same character embedded within our Swegway company that makes us so unique, such as with Wales.


UK Hoverboards for Sale Wales

UK Swegways and Hoverboards for Sale UK

After coming back from our Welsh trip, we wanted to let everybody to know that our UK Hoverboards for sale are just as Wales as it is England. We are proud of our United Kingdom heritage. Our Hoverboards and Swegways for sale UK are specifically designed for our Wales customers as well as our British customers. In fact, our Hoverboards for sale in Wales are UK and EU Safe Certified. Our SAFE certified Swegways have been fully CE marked, MSDS tested, UL Certified and BS1363 approved. Our premium high quality Hoverboard and Swegway are provided with official Samsung batteries.

When you buy a Hoverboard and Swegway for sale in Wales, you’ll also receive the same benefits as you would in the UK (and Ireland). All our boards come with FREE next day delivery, 1-year Warranty and our 24/7 aftercare services!

The Swegway Summer Sale is now on! Buy a Hoverboard NOW and take advantage of up to 75% off all our UK Hoverboards and Swegways for sale. All our boards are on offer for a limited time only, so don’t miss out!


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Best Self-Levelling Swegways & Hoverboards Sale UK

Best Self-Levelling Swegways & Hoverboards for Sale UK

Brace yourselves for the Best Swegways and Hoverboards to ever land in the UK. Coming soon, our Patented Self-Levelling UK Swegway. It’s unique patent feature makes the Hoverboard automatically level itself once turned on. Letting you know that it’s ready when you are! This super-cool Self-levelling functionality is very futuristic. With a clever mind of its own, the board serves you by helping keep you balanced as you first begin to ride.

Best Swegway and Hoverboard Self-Levelling Sale UK

SWEGWAY-PRO are revered as the UK’s #1 Swegway and Hoverboard company, based in England. Our Great British Swegways are for UK Customers. Each design is built specifically for the UK market. In fact, we only market our products in the UK. Our Swegways are always from UK Stock and our service centre is based right here in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Thats is why at Swegway Pro UK, we always ensure that our products meet the best in Swegway safety standards. All our Hoverboards are UK SAFE Certified and Compliant, above and beyond the UK and EU standards of safety. Therefore, customers are always confident that when it comes to a new product, SWEGWAY-PRO have it covered.


NEW: Self-Levelling Swegway & Hoverboard UK

NEW: Self-Levelling Swegway & Hoverboard UK

Coming to our Swegway shop very soon is an amazing patented design and Hoverboard feature. Our New Self-Levelling UK Swegway and Hoverboard gives the UK SegBoard a whole new dynamic. The Swegway Plus Pro Self-Levelling feature makes the Segway automatically balance itself once switched on. This is a fantastic feature, helping riders when they first begin to stand. Like a soldier, the Self-levelling Hoverboard for sale tells you when it’s ready.

We intend to roll this wonderful Swegway for sale within the next couple of days. So brace yourselves for the best Swegways and Hoverboards in the UK. As always, our boards are fully UK Safe Compliant and Certified. Our Segways come with original Samsung batteries that have been fully safe certified. This includes UL, MSDS, CE and BS1363.

Furthermore, our UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale come with free next day delivery and 1-year warranty. Join the Swegway family this summer and take advantage of our HUGE SUMMER SALE. With up to 75% OFF this summer, you’re getting the best UK Hoverboard Deals ever.



View our full range of products at our online shop HERE.

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