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5 Reasons Why Swegways Are UK No. 1 Gift

5 Reasons Why Swegways Are UK No. 1 Gift…

Swegways are UK No. 1 Gift

Why Swegways Are UK No. 1 Gift

The end of the year is fast approaching; in between the turkey dinners and midnight celebrations we know there’s one thing that most people in the UK will be taking part in – shopping! Whether it’s shopping for Christmas gifts, taking advantage of the end of year sales or just getting your hands on something you’ve had your eye on all year; we guarantee you’ll be hitting the shops at some point.

There’s one gadget that everyone’s been talking about and is already in super high demand as 2016 comes to and end. Swegways have been one of the most sought after products around – and it comes as no surprise! We’re here to tell you just why this hot product is the only thing you should be looking for in your holiday shopping and why Swegway Pro UK is the place to get it from!


1. Swegways are Affordable

Affordable cheap UK Swegways

With smartphones and next generation game consoles topping many kids Christmas lists, it’s safe to say that the price of gifts have become a lot more pricey in recent years. With a UK Swegway, you’re investing in a product that lasts and is more than just the latest toy. Not only that, we prove that premium UK Safe Swegways can be cheap and affordable, too!

At Swegway Pro UK, all our self-balancing scooters are durable, reliable and state-of-the-art; they’ll stand the test of time and keep up with the latest trend. Not only do we bring great savings to our customers but also at the moment you can save even more with our current sales and promotions.


2. You’re Spoilt For Choice with Swegways

UK Swegways choice

Want something extravagant? Want something a little more elegant? Want something with that wow factor? Whatever it is you want in your Swegway or Hoverboard, we’ve got the right model for you.

Right now we’ve got models with a range of colours and some brand new finishes. Even more, some of our latest models boast features such as UK hoverboards with Bluetooth speakers, integrated LED lights, 10” inflatable tyres and more.


3. Swegways are Super Easy To Use

UK Swegways easy to use

Everyone’s first impression of a UK Swegway or Hoverboard is probably that they look very high tech and futuristic; but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use one, in fact pretty much anyone can step on board and start riding right away! You might want to see our previous articles on how to ride a Swegway here and discover even more why Swegways are UK No. 1 Gift for 2017!

All self-balancing scooters use built-in gyroscopic sensor pads – in simpler terms, you just use your natural body weight to make the Swegway move! It really is that simple. All the models at Swegway Pro UK are tried and tested locally in the UK to ensure that they’re safe and perform to the best ability they can; we can ensure that your Swegway experience will be smooth and problem-free.


4. 2017 Will Be a Big Year For Swegways

2017 UK Swegways

Like we said before, our UK Swegways are made to stand the test of time – and the craze isn’t going to end any time soon! Already, Swegways and UK Hoverboards have gotten better and better all throughout 2016, and 2017 will be no different. All the more reasons why Swegways are UK No. 1 Gift for 2017!

At SwegwayPro UK, we’re already stocking a brand new accessory for your Smartboards and Hoverboards, and we’re sure it’s the first of many to come. The original Hoverkart is an innovative new product that can revolutionise the way you ride your Swegway. You don’t want to miss out on any of the accessories that 2017 will have to offer!


5. It’s Never Been Easier To Get Your Hands on a UK Swegway

get your hands on a UK Swegways

With all this talk about how popular British Swegways are it is no wonder why Swegways are UK No. 1 Gift. You’re also probably wondering how on earth you’ll manage to get your hands on one. SwegwayPro UK is the no.1 supplier for all your premium UK Hoverboard needs. We’ve been delivering premium, self-balancing scooter models to countless happy customers across the UK all year round; and we’re not stopping any time soon!

Right now we’re offering free, next-day delivery in the UK on all of our products. With our fully-stocked online store, you really are just a few clicks away from getting the perfect UK hoverboards delivered to your door. So what are you waiting for? SHOP NOW!


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UK Swegways: The Coolest Gadget of 2016-2017

UK Swegways: The Coolest Gadget of 2016-2017

UK Swegways: The Coolest Gadget of 2016-2017…

Whether you know what a Swegway is or not, there is no doubt you’ve heard the name mentioned a few times. Taking the world by storm, the Swegway – or Hoverboard – is a self-balancing scooter that has become one of the most talked coolest gadget of 2016.

After becoming a viral hit on social media, the Swegway flew off the shelves at almost every retailer in the UK as it proved to be one of the coolest gadget and best purchases you could make this year. SwegwayPro UK are committed to continuously supply premium UK Safe Swegways and Hoverboards to customers in Britain – all year round! We’ve helped countless happy customers become proud Swegway owners and we’ve done so with exceptional service and top-quality products.


If you’re thinking of purchasing one of these hot coolest gadget before the year ends, look no further – Swegway Pro UK is here to help! Whatever model, color or size you’re after, we can provide you with whatever you need. Don’t believe us? Check out our online store to see all of our premium Balance Board models and see just how much you can save on a British Swegway.


The Science Of The Swegway

One of the things that makes the Swegway such an iconic and renowned gadget is the unique way that it is controlled. You won’t see a steering wheel or control button in sight – YOU are the controls! All self-balancing scooters are controlled simply by stepping on board and letting your body’s natural weight shift do the work; simply do a slight lean in the direction you want to go and you’re off.

The Swegway has two built-in, gyroscopic sensor pads that are directly beneath the rider’s feet. They are designed to make controlling the Swegway feel as natural as possible and give you complete control over speed and direction. Both of the wheels on any self-balancing scooter work independently in order to give the rider a sharp yet well controlled turn.

At Swegway-Pro UK, we understand that a product as hi-tech as this needs extra measures when assessing its safety and quality. We test all of our products ourselves and we do it right here in the UK. As well as this, all of our Samsung batteries are MSDS tested against a high benchmark for safety as well as performance. Any Swegway or other self-balancing scooter from us has a 12-month warranty and is assured to be the highest quality there is. You can browse all of our premium UK Swegway models now at our online store.


The best Swegways & Hoverboards Just Got better

If you thought there was no way UK Swegways could get any cooler – you were wrong. Here at Swegway-Pro UK we’ve managed to get our hands on the hottest new models and accessories for your Swegway and Hoverboard. We’re revolutionising the self-balancing scooter game in time for 2017 and we’re doing it at an affordable price!


Bluetooth Swegway Coolest Gadget


Our first new model is the slickest and most stylish board we’ve ever seen; our brand new Swegway models have built in LED marquee lighting as well as integrated Bluetooth speakers. It’s exclusive metallic black finish is also one of the most popular and well received colours on the market, and contrasts stunningly against the LED lights.


For those of you who abide by the ‘bigger is better’ way of thinking, we have the perfect product now in stock. Our brand new Mammoth Swegway is our largest model yet; with 10” inflatable tires, you’ll stand above every other Hoverboard on the market. But these tires aren’t just for show, they’ll give you the smoothest and most controlled driving experience yet, even on those rougher terrains. It’s multi tone carbon fiber finish is in close competition with the metallic black Swegway finish, only time will tell which is most popular!


Head over to our online store now to see our full range of premium UK Swegways and Hoverboards for sale. Not only can you make big savings on these amazing products, but right now we’re offering free UK delivery, guaranteed before Xmas! So don’t waste another minute and make the best purchase you’ll make all year at Swegway Pro UK!


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UK Swegways Christmas

UK SWEGWAYS Christmas Announcement!

UK SWEGWAYS Christmas…

December is finally here! Everyone’s favourite time of year has arrived and the holidays are fast approaching. As we mentioned before, Swegway Pro UK will be holding a Christmas sale on our online store; however, since then we’ve released even more Hoverboard models and accessories available to buy now!


Swegway Pro UK Christmas


With more choice, more deals and more focus on the customer, we are the number one choice when buying UK Swegways & Hoverboards this Christmas. Not only will you get a tried and tested, premium electric scooter delivered to your doorstep, but we can guarantee delivery before Christmas day. So don’t look anywhere other than Swegway Pro UK – shop now!


Get The Perfect UK Swegway this Christmas

Perfect UK Swegway Christmas Gift


There’s one gadget that has been one of the most talked about products of the year, so it’s safe to say that it will also be topping countless Christmas wish lists as well. We are, of course talking about the Swegway; the futuristic, self-balancing Hoverboard Smart Scooter that has taken the nation by storm!


SwegwayPro UK has been supplying premium Balance Board and Hoverboard models to satisfied customers all year round – so why stop? This Christmas we are the number one choice for buying your UK Swegway; and talking of choice, we’ve got plenty. We currently have a large range of models, colours and accessories to suit every customer’s Xmas needs, including the new MAMMOTH 10 inch Swegway as well as premium Bluetooth speaker models.


If the products weren’t good enough already, we’re committed to testing all of our products ourselves, locally in the UK. We test them in terms of performance, durability and safety to make sure every customer receives the perfect British Swegway. This also means that we can deliver to your UK address the day after you purchase – completely free of charge and in time for Christmas!


So if you’re looking to give someone the perfect gift this Christmas day, look no further then Swegway Pro UK! Head over to our online store now and check out our exclusive UK Swegways Christmas and Hoverboard Xmas deals!


Stuck For A Christmas Gift? Swegway Pro UK Have The Answer!


Swegway Pro UK Christmas Gift


Some of you probably made the smart choice of getting Christmas gifts out the way early and by taking advantage of Black Friday and other big sale events. However, we here at Swegway Pro UK know that many of you are still struggling to find that one gift to fill the empty space under the tree.


UK Swegways are already proving to be one of the most popular Christmas presents according to recent sales, and it’s no surprise to us. Swegways and Hoverboards have been flying off the shelves and have fast become of the most coveted gadgets around. We’re currently fully stocked and ready to make everyone’s Xmas wish come true with our exclusive Christmas sale!


You can make fantastic savings on all of the premium models and accessories at our online store – one of our latest editions, the Original Hoverkart has already proven itself to be a new favourite for UK customers. The Hoverkart revolutionises your Hoverboard experience by giving you a whole new way to use your board; but that’s not the only hot new release we’ve got. You can grab yourself a brand new, top-of-the-range MAMMOTH Swegway and get it delivered in time for Christmas!


All of our products are vigorously tested in the UK and our UK Swegways Christmas products can be delivered via our next day courier service (please allow up to 5 working days during the busy season) with no extra charge. So make great savings on our high quality, British Hoverboard products and find the perfect gift now – head over to our store to browse all of our available models and accessories.

Have a wonderful UK Swegways Christmas & Happy Holidays from all at SwegwayPro UK!


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UK Swegway Guaranteed Before Christmas Delivery

SWEGWAYS: Guaranteed Delivery Before Christmas

Guaranteed Delivery Before Christmas…

The countdown to Christmas has already begun! By now, everyone has already had their eye on that special something; either to complete their Christmas wish list or make the perfect gift.

UK Swegway Guaranteed Delivery Before Christmas

As the one of the hottest products of the year, the Swegway is already in high demand as Christmas shopping begins. Here at Swegway Pro UK, we know that getting such a popular product at this time of year can be stressful, but we’re here to help!


We’ve got plenty of stock of all the latest UK Swegway and Hoverboard models; but what’s more is that we can guarantee delivery before Christmas day! So don’t worry about the shop shelves being empty and don’t stress about late delivery – Swegway Pro UK won’t let you down.


The Number. 1 Choice for Premium UK Swegways

UK number one choice for Swegways

We’ve been providing high quality Premium UK Swegway products to countless happy customers all over the UK; now the holiday season is fast approaching, we here at SwegwayPro UK are committed to maintaining our amazing service through to the New Year!


You can order any of our premium Swegways and Hoverboards from our online store and be safe in the knowledge that it will be at your doorstep guaranteed before Christmas day! We want our customers to receive only the best service no matter what time of year – that’s why you can still take advantage of our FREE Guaranteed UK delivery!


So don’t waste any more time searching for the right place to get your perfect gift this Christmas – the right choice is here at SwegwayPro UK.


UK Hoverboards: Guaranteed Delivery Before Christmas

Hoverboards Guaranteed for Christmas

2016 is almost behind us, make sure you glide into 2017 with the years hottest craze: The British Hoverboard! Nobody wants to miss out on this amazing product and Swegway Pro UK are here to make sure that doesn’t happen with our guaranteed delivery before Xmas!


Not only do we have all the latest UK Hoverboards in stock on our online store, we are now also stocking the Original Hoverkart! The Hoverkart is a revolutionary way to customise your UK Hoverboard and is a top pick for one of the next big products of 2017! Even more, you can now purchase Bluetooth speaker models as well as our brand new 10” inch wheel mammoth Hoverboards!


Aside from our premium selection of locally stocked UK Hoverboards and Swegways, we’re also offering free UK delivery, guaranteed to arrive at your door within 3 days (with out next day delivery service) on all purchases – that’s right, it will even arrive in time for Christmas! With top-of-the-range products and a guarantee to be on your doorstep before xmas, Swegway Pro UK are the no. 1 choice when buying your Hoverboard this Christmas!


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Mammoth 10" inch hoverboards

New Arrival: Mammoth 10″ inch Swegway!

The 10″ inch Swegway…

This year has seen some of the biggest Swegway releases in the UK; not only has it become one of the most popular gadgets in the country but we’ve even seen some amazing new models and hi-tech accessories.

10" inch Swegway

Swegway Pro UK is proud to announce that we have a new product available, and it’s quite literally THE biggest one yet! Head over to our online store now to see our brand new Mammoth 10″ inch Swegway! This brand new model is available to buy now with an amazing deal to celebrate it’s release!


Mammoth UK 10″ inch Hoverboards

Mammoth 10" inch hoverboards


Something big is coming to Swegway Pro UK…. something MAMMOTH! That’s right, we are officially stocking the new Mammoth 10″ inch hoverboard; the largest member of the self-balancing board family.


The Mammoth has 10” inflatable tyres, increasing it’s control, durability and making it more suitable for rougher terrain. Additionally, this new UK 10″ Hoverboard Model looks the part too; with an exclusive multi-tone carbon-fiber design and integrated front and rear LED lighting, it’s one of most stylish models we’ve ever seen.


Right now, you can still take advantage of our free UK delivery, guaranteed within 3 working days to any U.K. address; as well as this, we can also guarantee that your order will be with you in time for Christmas! So look no further than SwegwayPro UK for you brand new Mammoth 10″ inch Swegways. Shop now to save on this amazing product.


10″ inch Swegways: Supersize your Hoverboard Experience

10" inch Swegways and Hoverboards

Swegway Pro UK is here to innovate your Hoverboard experience like never before. Not only are we currently stocking a range of models, colours and the hottest accessories, but now we have something even bigger: the Mammoth 10″ inch Swegway!


If you want to glide through the city on the biggest board there is, then the Mammoth is the right Hoverboard for you. It’s 10” inflatable tyres will make sure you’ll always stand out in a crowd, as well as providing extra durability, ground clearance and the perfect control on rougher terrains. You can compare its full specifications against all of our other models at our online shop; perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is the amazing savings you can make on this brand new Hoverboard, with a FREE carrier case worth £15.00 included with every 10″ inch Swegways & hoverboards purchased!


As with all of our products, the Mammoth 10″ inch hoverboards comes with a 12-month warranty. Like our other models, the Mammoth UK Swegway is powered by a super-charged Samsung battery to ensure efficiency, reliability and long-lasting performance; the product and battery are both tested locally in terms of safety and quality. Order your 10″ inch Mammoth Swegway now for free UK Mainland delivery and a FREE Carrier case – start earning great deals on our products, only here at SwegwayPro UK.


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UK Swegways: The Coolest Gadget of 2016-2017

Swegway Pro UK: Bluetooth Speaker Hoverboards!

Bluetooth Speaker Hoverboards!…

After a record-breaking amount of sales this Black Friday, Swegway Pro UK is bringing you yet another fantastic deal! We’ve managed to get our hands on some amazing new products so that our customers always have the choice of the latest Premium UK Swegways and Hoverboards.

Bluetooth Speaker Hoverboards

The first new model we have is one with a difference – the most sleek and aesthetically praised model we’ve ever seen! That’s right, Swegway Pro UK are now selling Bluetooth speaker Swegways with LED lights! But this new model isn’t just easy on the eyes… it’s easy on your pocket too! Shop now to see just how much you can save on the latest UK Swegways with Bluetooth now!


Latest UK Swegways with Bluetooth Models

UK Swegways with Bluetooth

So why are Swegway Pro UK’s latest models so popular? We’re committed to providing you the latest products, but we’re not fussed with the gimmicks and unnecessary features – the latest model on our online store truly is an amazing product and we’re here to tell you why!


Firstly, this has to be the best-looking model we’ve ever seen – the sleek metallic exterior is the perfect contrast for the piercing LED multi-coloured lights located on the wheel-arch of the Bluetooth Swegway as well as LED’s on the front of the hoverboard. These lights aren’t just for show however; they have been purposely installed to give you maximum visibility and exposure on those dark winter evenings. What’s more is that the board also has fully integrated Bluetooth speakers!


Don’t worry about these new features draining the battery – all of our models are fitted with a high power safe and certified Samsung batteries to ensure consistency and efficiency. We also test all of our products locally in the UK so we can assure you’re only getting the highest of quality UK Swegways with Bluetooth.


Order now and you can take advantage of our FREE UK delivery, guaranteed before Xmas! as well as our current sale and promotions – there really is no better choice than Swegway Pro UK!


Perfect Christmas Gift: Bluetooth Speaker Swegway Models

The Perfect Christmas Gift: Bluetooth Speaker Swegway Models

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The Christmas lights are on, the choirs are singing – but all the lights and music you need this Xmas are with your brand new Bluetooth Speaker Swegways!


That’s right, SwegwayPro UK are currently selling the latest Swegways and Hoverboards with Bluetooth, equipped with stylish multi-colour LED flashing lights on the wheel arches as well as built-in speakers. If that’s a bit too technical for you (mums and dads) then head over to our online store to see our latest models in detail – you’ll instantly see how our latest models are the coolest Swegways on the market and are the only choice this year for the perfect Christmas gift. If it wasn’t perfect enough, all of our new Swegway and Hoverboard models are included in our end of year Xmas sale!


But we know what you’re thinking – and we’re to put your minds at rest; all purchases off our online store are guaranteed before Christmas. We want your experience with SwegwayPro UK to be hassle free and have peace of mind whilst shopping with us – be sure to take advantage of our FREE UK guaranteed Xmas delivery service, it’s that easy!


Bluetooth Swegways: Next Generation Of Hoverboards

Bluetooth Swegways: Next Generation Of Hoverboards

The Hoverboard has been one of the most futuristic gadgets the world has seen – so when we say that our new model is even more futuristic, you know you’re in for a treat! SwegwayPro UK is proud to announce that the latest LED & Bluetooth speaker Hoverboard is now available on our online store!


If you’ve missed out on our amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, have no fear – you can still save on one of the hottest products of 2016! This Hoverboard with Bluetooth is by far one of the best products we’ve had for a while; it’s LED underside and wheel arch, and metallic exterior certainly look the part; whilst it’s Bluetooth speaker system and extremely powerful battery will innovate your Hoverboard experience like never before!


As with all of our products, these new Hoverboards are tried and tested locally in the UK; we also hold all of our stock locally in order to deliver it to our customers as soon as possible. Even more, we offer a 12-month warranty on every product sold – you really won’t find a better deal anywhere else, so what are you waiting for? Shop now!


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UK Hoverboards: Best Selling Swegways

Swegway Boards: Must-Have Gadget of 2016!

Whether it’s a brand new games console, the latest phone or a 4k television, everyone has got their eye on a must-have gadget this year. However, there is one product that truly is THE only gadget you’ll need – The UK Swegway board!

Swegway Boards! The Must-Have Gadget Of 2016!

That’s right, these state-of-the-art devices have taken the UK by storm and are one of the most talked about products of the year. Swegway Pro UK is a company dedicated to bringing these amazing and in-demand products directly to UK customers; we want our customers to get their hands one the must-have gadget of 2016 with as little hassle as possible, so make sure you check out our online store as well as well as our amazing offers all while stocks last!


UK Hoverboards: Hottest Gadget Of 2016

The Hottest Gadget 2016

For those of you who don’t know – the Swegway is a motorised, self-balancing board which can be easily used by almost anyone. The board is completely controlled by your natural balance and requires no extra controls or training to use; it really is that simple!


Google searches for “Swegway” increased by over 40x in a year! This shows just how popular they’ve become in such a short space of time. If you haven’t seen them around the UK then you’ve probably seen countless celebrities around the world sporting the futuristic devices on TV, social media and in music videos – they really are everywhere!


Since their popularity has boomed in the UK, Swegway Pro UK has been committed to providing all the latest models and accessories to our customers. We have a big focus on quality and safety, so all of our products are vigorously tested right here in the UK! So if you want to get your hands on THE hottest gadget of the year, shop now and see our entire range of premium UK Swegways.


The Must-Have Gadget This Christmas!

The Must-Have Gadget This Christmas!

It’s almost December and no doubt there have already been countless mentions of people’s perfect Christmas gifts and what they’re dreaming of seeing underneath the tree this year. Last year, Swegways were topping Christmas lists all over the UK, and this year will be even better!


The Swegway has become increasingly popular over 2016 and is now in demand more than ever. SwegwayPro UK is here to make that perfect xmas purchase a little bit easier on the pockets with our amazing prices and upcoming sales! If you’ve already missed our massive Black Friday UK Swegway sale then have no fear – we will be offering one more chance for all of our customers to get amazing savings with our Christmas Swegway and Hoverboard sale!


Be sure to head over to our online hoverboard store to browse all of our UK Swegway & balance board models and accessories – we assure that only the best stock make it onto our profile, and guarantee safety and quality with everything we sell. Don’t miss out; get your perfect Christmas gift now with fantastic offers while stocks last!


What Makes UK Swegways So Great?

UK Swegways

You’re probably wondering why UK Swegways have become one of the hottest and most-talked-about product of the year. Apart from practically being the closest thing we have to a real-life Hoverboard from the future, there are a few more reasons why the Balance Board is so great!


The Swegway is already proving it will stand the test of time; last year they were one of the most sought out gadgets on the market, and this year the ‘craze ‘ is still very much there. You don’t have to worry about the Swegway becoming outdated; our online store has all the latest models, colours and brand new features such as our all-new LED Bluetooth Swegway!


You can now use our new and original Hoverkart accessory to revolutionise your Swegway and Hoverboard experience – you can click here to read more! All of our products are tried and tested locally in the UK, so any premium Balance Board purchased from us meets our extremely high standards for safety and quality; you’ll know that your Hoverboard will be a long-term investment when you buy from us.


Buy now and you can even save money on any one of these amazing products; that’s right, the Swegway is now more affordable than ever due to our amazing offers and savings! Don’t waste anymore time and start shopping for you new UK Swegway now!


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The Official Hoverkart Retailer

The Official Hoverkart Retailer

Official Hoverkarts for Sale…

We at Swegway Pro UK are excited to be making a big announcement… A brand new product available now! If you’ve checked our online store you can see we now have the latest UK accessory for sale – the Original Hoverkart!

Official Hoverkart Retailer

We’re proud to announce our new range of genuine British Hoverkarts available to buy for all of our UK customers. Not only will it undoubtedly be one of the hottest gadgets of 2017, but also the perfect accessory kit for your UK Swegway or Hoverboard!


Cheap Official Hoverkarts For Sale UK

Cheap Official Hoverkarts For Sale In The UK

Here at Swegway Pro UK we’ve been committed to bringing premium Swegways and Hoverboards to British customers; not only have we continuously delivered great products but we’ve also provided amazing savings!


With the arrival of our new Hoverkart for sale, we’ll still be bringing you the best deals in the UK. Aside from the usual savings that Swegway Pro UK provide, we have upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions to give you even more amazing deals on the latest UK Hoverkarts for sale.


If that wasn’t enough, you can still take advantage of our free next-day UK delivery on all of our products while stocks last. Look no further than Swegway Pro UK for your genuine UK Hoverkart!


Swegway Kit: Original UK Hoverkart For Sale

Swegway Kit: Original UK Hoverkart For Sale

The Swegway has proven to be one of the most in-demand popular gadget the world has seen for some time. Countless customers across the UK have made one of the best choices of the year by purchasing a Premium UK Hoverboard from Swegway Pro UK – and they have not been disappointed!


But now it’s time to revolutionise your Swegway experience with one of the hottest accessories in the UK: the Official Hoverkart! The Hoverkart can transform your UK Swegway into a racing-style Go Kart in a matter of minutes – the Hoverkart’s unique locking sensor and simple single-frame design means that anyone can use it.


Whether you’re looking to make your Swegway experience more comfortable, fun or just looking for something new, the Hoverkart is the right choice for you… and SwegwayPro UK is the right place to make that choice! Head over to our online store now to see the best deals in the UK on genuine Hoverkarts for sale, Swegways, Balance Boards and more!


Buy the New Official Hoverkart Now!

Buy The New Official Hoverkart Now

We’re sure many of you have already had the chance on some of the hottest gadgets of 2016 – in particular the UK Swegways and Hoverboards; but now, SwegwayPro UK are bringing something completely new to the UK Balance Board game… The original Hoverkart!


SwegwayPro UK officially have a line of Hoverkarts for sale at our online store; the Official Hoverkart model is the perfect accessory kit to innovate your UK Swegway or Hoverboard into an even cooler racing Go Kart!


All of our products are stocked locally so you can buy your brand new Premium Balance Board and have it delivered straight to your UK address the very next day. Furthermore, we test all our products personally so that all of our valued customers receive a safe, reliable and high quality product.


So don’t waste anymore time and check out our range of UK Swegways and Hoverkarts for sale now! Buy now and you can still make amazing savings in time for Christmas and the new year… what are you waiting for?!


The Original Hoverkart for UK Hoverboards & Swegways

The Original Hoverkart for UK Hoverboards & Swegways

At SwegwayPro UK we’re dedicated to bringing our customers more value for their money when they purchase a UK Swegway or Hoverboard. With the release of our new UK Hoverkart for sale, we will continue to bring all of our customer’s premium UK products with exceptional service!


All of our products go through a vigorous testing process to ensure they meet our extremely high benchmark for safety and durability. As well as this they undergo further testing for quality and performance to make sure you’re getting the best product on the market. This is why we stock all of our products in the UK, so we can carry out these tests personally ourselves and guarantee safety and quality.


If you’re looking for an official Hoverkart in the UK, look no further than Swegway Pro UK. You can still take advantage of our free next-day UK delivery while stocks last; just head over to our online store to browse our range of premium, British Hoverboards, Swegways and brand new Hoverkarts!


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Official Hoverkart Retailer

Swegway Pro UK’s Latest Release: The Original Hoverkart!

We’re happy to announce that Swegway Pro UK is now stocking a brand new product – The Original Hoverkart!

Hoverkart for UK Swegways

The Hoverkart is an innovative new product that transforms your Swegway or Hoverboard into a 3-wheeled racing go-kart. Never have to worry about your balance again as you can sit down comfortably and steer by handle. The original Hoverkart is designed to provide smooth turning and increased control at any speed and is a must-have accessory for any Swegway owner!



UK Swegways and Hoverkarts

Hoverkart for UK Swegways

We’ve been providing Swegways to countless satisfied customers across the UK; they have proven to be one of the most popular products of 2016 and have taken the world by storm. But now there’s a new product that will revolutionise the way we use Swegways forever – and Swegway Pro UK are bringing them to your doorstep!


The Hoverkart is a new must have accessory for your UK Swegway; it transforms your Hoverboard from the typical balance board into a unique, racing style go-kart. Easy to attach and even easier to use, it truly is an amazing product – and who to bring you this amazing product than the UK’s No. 1 Swegway supplier. We guarantee quality and safety in all of our products, and the Hoverkart is no different; we’re offering a 12-month warranty and free next day delivery to ensure that you get the most from your money.


You can check out our full range of UK Swegways and our new Original Hoverkart HERE at our online store!


The Original Hoverkart UK Supplier

Original Hoverkart UK Supplier

You may not have heard of our latest product – but we can assure you will. The Hoverkart is easily the best accessory available for your UK Swegway or Hoverboard and is sure to be one of the hottest gadgets of the new-year.


Swegway Pro are now bringing the Hoverkart to our customers, and right now you can purchase the original model from our online store. The GoRacer Hoverkart has a unique carbon, racing-style seat designed for comfort and durability as well as making you feel you’re in a real-life racing car. Its simple yet effective design consists of a single bar frame which has a sensor lock for attaching onto your Swegway or Hoverboard; easy to attach and even easier to assemble, you’ll be racing away in no time!


You can find the Original Hoverkart as well as all of our UK Swegway models on our online store; you can still take advantage of our free next-day UK delivery whilst stocks last!


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Original British Hoverboards from UK Stock

Hoverboards have taken the UK (and the world) by storm; becoming one of hottest products of 2016, more and more people are now looking to purchase a UK Hoverboard.

Original Hoverbaords from UK Stock

When it comes to choosing the right product from the right supplier, you need look no further than Swegway Pro UK. We are a UK based company that is dedicated to providing high quality, premium hoverboards and Swegways to customers in the UK. Our stock is held locally in order to give our customers the bonus of free next day UK delivery.


This year we’ve delivered top-of-the-range products to countless happy customers across the UK; if you’re after a company you can trust, shop now at Swegway Pro UK!


The No. 1 UK Hoverboard Supplier

The UK’s no. 1 Hoverboard supplier

Here at Swegway Pro UK, we’re committed to providing the UK with premium Hoverboards at a great price. As well as this, we want all of our customers to have a simple and hassle free purchasing experience.


It’s our focus on the customer that makes Swegway Pro UK the no.1 British Hoverboard and Swegway supplier. We make sure every single one of our products is safe and appropriately tested; we even offer a 12-month warranty on all of our products. We only provide the best quality Hoverboards at Swegway Pro UK, and are confident in everything we sell.


There really is no better choice than Swegway Pro UK if you’re after the best deal on a UK Hoverboard; you can start shopping now and enjoy our free next day delivery whilst stocks last!


Premium UK Swegways Delivered To Your Doorstep!

Premium UK Swegways Delivered To Your Doorstep!

With the year almost at an end, many of us will be asking ourselves if we made the most out of 2016. There’s still time to get your hands on THE hottest product of 2016 – the UK Swegway!


Swegway Pro is the no.1 supplier of British Swegways and Hoverboards; we hold a proven track record of premium products and exceptional after-sales service. Whether you’re buying your first very own Swegway or even looking for the perfect Christmas gift, our range of products on our online store will have something perfect for you!


All of our stock is held in the UK so we can thoroughly test each Swegway and Hoverboard in terms of safety and quality; even more, it lets us deliver to you the next working day – free of charge! So don’t miss your chance to get a premium UK Hoverboard delivered to your door at an amazing price.


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