Celebrities on Swegway and Hoverboard

Swegway Pro Lily Allen Showcases her Hoverboard Skills

Lily Allen seems to be using her Swegway board to glide back in to the lime light, or maybe she really is just making breakfast fun.

She posted: this Swegway was created for “gliding around whilst I eat cereal and that’s just what I’ll do”
on Wednesday, 5 August 2015.

Cereal in hand, Lilly effortlessly moves around her home with extraordinary balance and skill.

The soundtrack of choice: Sinatra’s “‘These Boots Were Made for Walking”.

Hoverboards have been the latest craze here in the UK, with other celebrities from all around the world showcasing their Swegway skills. If you’ve never tried one of these amazing Swegway Boards, then we seriously recommend you do – It’s addictive and mad fun! These Hoverboards are now looking to be the number one item on everyone’s Christmas wishlist and without a doubt the number one seller in the UK!

One of the things that UK customers need to keep in mind however, is where they buy their Swegways from. Always make sure that they are from a trusted UK Seller, is UK stocked and is not a direct import from China, which is where unfortunately the majority of Swegway boards come from when buying on platforms such as Amazon or Ebay etc.

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Home Depot Worker Swegway Fail

When The Sales Begin, The Fails Begin: First-Timer Swegway Fail

Everyone is familiar with the Swegway, especially if you’ve seen films such as Paul Blart Mall Cop. How about the ever-popular brother- the Swegway. A futuristic hoverboard, necessary techno-board or self-balancing scooter that most will now have on their Christmas list.

Here’s one of the first fails when a store employee tries out a customer’s Swegway Board. The employee could not resist giving it a try after seeing the customer glide in.

After a short test, he falls flat on his rear – laughter commences (we felt bad).

Everyone watches fail videos so stay tuned for hilarious Swegway fails – and maybe some successes – but only if they’re good!

The Most Amazing Acrobatic Swegway Routine


We recently wrote a piece about the impressive hoverboard routine in Missy Elliot’s ‘Where They From’ music video. But this latest show piece beats that hands down! In this case hands down doing a handstand on a Swegway board, one handed at times and that’s just some of the awesome skills displayed in this video!

The performance shows insanely skilled gymnasts balancing, dancing and performing the most intricate of gymnastics moves all while gliding effortlessly on the electric scooters.

Choreographed by Kailey Maurer and Kelianne Stankus and performed to the tune of Justin Biebers ‘Sorry’ you’re sure to be impressed:

Police Hoverboard unit deployed in Australia

Queensland police released a statement about the deployment of their latest ‘ Hoverboard unit ’. The futuristic force was responding to reports of a car crash near a cinema.


In a tribute to Back to the Future, the spoof statement read that a “silver sedan had crashed into a power pole near the cinema.”


The concept of a hoverboard was made legendary by Marty Mcfly in Back to the Future II

When questioned what speed he was doing, the driver stated “he was doing 88 miles per hour.”

Police said “a 17-year-old man was charged and was in possession of a licence which expired over 30 years ago.”

“Investigations into the vehicle and what a flux capacitor is, are ongoing.”

The tribute by Queensland police has proved popular with Back to the Future fans worldwide.

Hoverboard Breakdancing in Missy Elliot Music Video

Hoverboard tricks have been taken to the next level in Missy Elliot’s new music video ‘Where They From’.


Although the hoverboard has been all over music videos recently, this is first time we have seen people break dancing on them, from rotating floats to handstands and all sorts of other crazy moves this video has it all.

The funky new video featuring Pharrell Williams, shows Missy with disco ball lips and a marionette of Pharrell. Missy Elliot even has a go on the Swegway scooter herself while her dancers show of their impressive tricks on these awesome hoverboards.

Check out the video below:

Boris Wants Hoverboards Legalised

Boris Johnson Wants Hoverboards Legalised

We all think the hoverboards ban is ridiculous, even Boris Johnson gets it, he might not know what to call it but at least he understand how absurd it is.

Boris Wants Hoverboards Legalised

After speaking with experts at London’s transport department, the Major of London said he wants to put an end to “this ludicrous and nannying prohibition on the electric scooter-surfboard gizmos.”

The electric scooters are banned under the 1835 Highways Act, which came about when electricity was still in its infancy. To put it into perspective, Michael Faraday invented the electric motor in 1821. The act states you cannot use pavements to “lead or drive any horse, ass, sheep, mule, swine, or cattle or carriage of any description” – and that includes self-balancing scooters.

A 1988 law bans them on roads, as motorised vehicles must be registered and the rider licensed and insured.

The Major of London said “Well, I have consulted Transport for London (Surface Transport) experts, and they think this hogwash. They are a new and potentially liberating form of personal mobility.”

“We want to legalise them…” he said, and described such a move as “intergenerational fairness.”

We expect this to be overturned swiftly and for the UK to catch up with France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and the US which all allow swegway boards on pavements and cycle lanes.

Will riding your Hoverboard get you arrested?

In light of the recent statement by the Crown Prosecution Service banning the use of Swegway boards on roads and public property, two Londoners put the so called ban to the test.

Will riding your Swegway board get you arrested?In the YouTube video the two friends rode their boards in front of police vans and on-duty officers, even one outside the Houses of Parliament to see if they take the legislation seriously. Not one tried to stop them.

In a funny scene one of the men rides past a police officer, when a passer-by asks “Aint that illegal?”

The man replies “Nah I’m just badass.”

He then asks the officer “Are you going to arrest me?” The officer appears not to be interested.

In another scene one of the men takes a selfie with a policewomen while on his board, the office looks happy to join in the fun and even has a go on the board herself.

The video ends with a caption saying “So are swegway hoverboards really illegal? If so, why didn’t any police stop me? Make sure you show this video to all your friends that were scared to ride their segway!”