Swegway Bluetooth Speakers

Swegway with Bluetooth Speakers!

Swegway Bluetooth Speakers…

Swegway Bluetooth Speakers Swegway Bluetooth Speakers  Swegway Bluetooth Speakers

Hoverboards with Bluetooth

Its finally here! SwegwayPro are proud to announce our latest model; the Hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers and Marquee lights. Our Swegways are built to last, with the strength of our original classic models yet with more fun and greater influence.

Its very simple, we’ve used the latest technology to build you a Swegway that plays music by connecting directly with your Bluetooth device, such as the smart-phone or iPad. Furthermore, we’ve made our Swegway Pro Hoverboards much cooler in the dark with our upgraded LED Marquee Lights around the wheelbase of the Scooter.

Now you’re sure to impress your friends and family with the all dancing, all singing, all flashing Hoverboards!


Swegways with Speakers

Get involved with the latest trend by riding the latest Swegway with Speakers!

Swegways with Speakers

What better way to spend your Summer 2016 than with these Bluetooth Swegways. Whether you’re out enjoying some sun, in the garden or around your home, our built-in Swegway speaker systems are sure to impress friends and family. All our Bluetooth Swegways are powered by official Samsung batteries, ensuring only the best quality and safety for our UK consumers. All our Swegways with speakers have been thoroughly tested, certified and sourced from UK STOCK.


Swegways with Bluetooth

Take a look at our NEW 2016 UK Swegways with Bluetooth Speakers right here.

Swegways with Bluetooth

Swegway-Pro UK are recognised as the safest and longest reigning Swegway Store in the UK. All our Hoverboards are from UK Stock and fully certified for our UK Consumers. All our Bluetooth Swegways are MSDS checked, CE marked and come with 12 month warranty for extra peace of mind.

At Swegway-Pro, we’ve come a long way. We’re excited to introduce our latest Bluetooth Speakers and LED Marquee light Swegways for all our lovely UK customers. But we’re not stopping here! Stay tuned for our 8.5″ Lambo and 10″ Heavy Duty XL Swegways coming soon!


Where to buy UK Bluetooth Swegways

Customers can purchase our UK Bluetooth Swegways from our Online Shop here.

If you wish to purchase our 8.5″ Lambo Swegways or our 10″ XL Swegways then please Contact Us, call us on 0113 320 2299 or e-mail info@segwaypro.co.uk.



Please note that we no longer offer Bluetooth functionalities on our Swegways due to the reliability issues. We have chosen to stick with the more well-rounded CLASSIC Swegways. Thank you for your feedback!

SwegwayPro UK Summer 2016 Gadget

UK Swegways: The Must Have Gadget of 2016!

UK Swegways

UK Swegways are the must have gadget of 2016!

UK Swegways for Sale

At SwegwayPro, we’re more ready than ever with the our latest range of UK Swegways and refined technology. We pride ourselves to be one of the most established, trusted and reputable Swegway brands in the UK. We don’t like to shout about it; our products, services and reviews speak for themselves.

Our Swegways are specifically geared for the UK market, so rest assured that nothing has been spared to provide our lovely customers with the 100% peace of mind that each component has been manufactured and inspected with the UK consumer in mind. In fact, none of our UK Swegways are drop-shipped but from 100% UK stock, our plug cables are BS1 safe, fused and manufactured in Manchester (not China).

All our products have had rigorous testing for safety and reliability. These include the full MSDS and CE certifications. Furthermore, our products are single-handedly opened and inspected at the point of every dispatch, before sending the Swegway over to you for next day delivery.


UK Swegways with Next Day Delivery

UK Swegways with Next Day Delivery

When we say that our Swegways are Next Day Delivery, we really do mean next day.

All orders that are made before 4pm will be dispatched to the courier the same day, to arrive at your door the following day. We use UK Mail as our dedicated courier of choice, also known as Parcel Pete or iPostParcels. This means that you can have the added peace of mind knowing that your product is delivered quickly and efficiently, from your door to ours.

UK Mail have a consignment tracking service in which can be provided for you. This enables you to Live-Track your order and change the delivery address if required. Nevertheless, we provide you with a text/e-mail on the day of your delivery with a time window of when your package should arrive.

Finally, it goes without saying that we deliver all our Swegways nationwide throughout Mainland UK!


UK Hoverboards 2016

UK Swegways: Summer 2016

We are proud to be recognised as the UK’s most trusted online Hoverboard store. If you’re looking for a UK hoverboard that offers all the fun without the risk, then please look no further. Our 2016 Spring/Summer range of Swegways are all under our customer satisfaction guarantee, offering 12 months warranty!

UK Swegway Shop
UK Swegways - coming soon

NEW UK Swegways for Spring 2016!

UK Swegways for Spring 2016!


UK Swegways - coming soon

SwegwayPro UK are excited to announce that due to an extremely high demand in our official SwegwayPro UK range, we are re-stocking with a full range of new Spring 2016 designs, with even more advanced technology!


UK Swegways 2016

UK Swegways - Camo

SwegwayPro UK are excited to introduce a whole new design; the Camo Swegway. Be different and stand out with the all-new army style design. More durable then ever, our new range of Swegways now come with KEY technology as well as benefitting from our 12 month warranty service.

Enjoy your Spring in style, or be prepared for this summer with the beautifully designed 2016 UK Swegway range. Please note that these Swegways are for a limited time only, with limited stock availability, to ensure that our customers truly benefit from a unique and special product.

Camouflage UK Hoverboards 2016

2016 UK Swegway - Camo

You might have friends or family that already own a UK Swegway. The chances are, the colours are all the same; black, blue, white, and so on…

This is why here at SwegwayPro UK we have decided that our customers deserve something different. Therefore, we have teamed up with our designers to introduce a whole new design just for you!

Our Army Camouflage UK Swegways are due to arrive this Spring, April 2016! Don’t miss out, hold your horses, and wait for it. Because not only are they boards unique, but we only have a truly limited number of stock.

UK Swegways with KEY Technology

Coming very soon, all our UK Swegways will have the latest KEY technology.

UK Swegway with Key

Due to popular demand, our UK Swegway team have been working hard to finally come to terms with our customers demands. Previously, we have noted that we weren’t too comfortable offering a technology which we couldn’t guarantee the reliability for. Since then, SwegwayPro UK have been working tirelessly to ensure that our UK Swegway with Key technology didn’t just meet, but finally surpassed the reliability factor in which we pride ourselves over.

We are now proud to announce that all our UK Swegways will come with KEY technology this Spring 2016!

“The Best UK Swegway Company”

Take advantage of our unique SwegwayPro customer satisfaction guarantee! each board includes FREE next day delivery, 12 month warranty, complete aftercare and repair services. In addition to this, all our products have been MSDS inspected to ensure that the materials we use are safe to UK and European standards, with UK fused plugs and CE certification.

We base our success due to being the most trusted UK Swegway sellers nationwide, offering incomparable customer service and attention to detail and the safest hoverboards around the country.

Get to know more by contacting us on 0113 320 2299 or filling in the contact form here.

Visit our online shop!



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UK Swegway Hoverboard News

Hoverboards Impact Pedestrians No More Than Joggers

Hoverboards Impact Pedestrians No More Than Joggers…

UK Swegway Hoverboards News

Aims of the study

The Victoria Transport Policy Institute carried out a study to determine the impact of Motorised Personal Transportation Devices (MPTD’s) on pedestrians, the results were found to be in favour of such devices. The study set out to explore the appropriate way to manager pavements, bike lanes, paths and trails taking into account the ever increasing diverse range of potential activities and modes of transport including scooters, bicycles and Swegways. It looked at the various types of activities and modes of transportation that may use these facilities. While also looking at and describing the general principles for planning, management and education strategies for minimising problems.

Conclusion of The Study

An increasing diversity of transportation including electrically powered devices are using facilities such as pavements, bicycle lanes, paths and trails. These different modes of transport provide numerous benefits to their end users and provide a substitute for automotive transport.

However they can also create conflict when used on crowded facilities and when end users fail to adhere to proper riding etiquette.

Some people would like to see the ban of these types of transportation on these facilities, however there are many areas where uncongested pavements, paths and trails exist and the use of these devices would pose little or no problem.

Other studies have proved that motorised personal transportation devices allow the end user a high degree of stability, more so than bicycles. Therefore it is unfair and inefficient to propose such restrictions on these modes of transportation simply because they are new.

The key factor in determining their impact is their overall effect in walking and driving. Supporters argue that they present a substitute of automotive transport and increase the public’s use of pavements, paths and trails. Their increased use also reduces congestion and pollution.


The study found that Motorised Personal Transportation Devices (MPTD’s) have a minimal impact on pedestrians, no more than joggers or runners and that bicycles have a greater impact and pose a greater risk to pedestrians.

The important factor for local authorities was found to be the development of clear policies taking into account the diverse nature of personal transportation used by society today, and to definition of clear rules and riding etiquette taking into account both the personal safety of the riders and that of the general public.

Local authorities should promote responsible behaviour and help users find appropriate locations for their activities, and where signs exist prohibiting the use of such modes of transportation they should also provide information indicating where their use is allowed. This strategy will help local authorities better manage public paths, increase user education and encourage responsible use of public paths and overall minimise potential issues.

You can read the full study by clicking here.

We are proud to be one of the safest and most trusted UK Swegway and Hoverboard sellers in the country. To purchase one of our hoverboards, please visit our online store here.

Tony Hawk Tried out Hoverboard

Tony Hawk Tries out Hoverboard

Tony Hawk Tries out Hoverboard…

This week a driverless car overtook a human driver and forty thousand people filled a stadium in Seoul to watch the League of Legends World Championships.

But the big epic news this week is that the dream of every 80’s child has finally come true. Because one company is currently trying to kick start their prototype Hoveboard into production.

It works through four disk shaped engines at the bottom and these create a magnetic field which pushes against the ground and allows the board to hover or levitate. It’s worth noting though that this only works on specific surfaces at the moment so unless they rip up the entire road network in your city, it might be worth sticking to your Swegway.

Tony Hawk Tried out Hoverboard

But be warned this ‘Real’ Hoverboard is not easy to get the hang off, even the legend Tony Hawk finds it difficult to stay on this board. In one scene he looks like is has mastered it like a skate board spinning vigorously as he goes up and down the ramp, until the rotational inertia catches up with him. But hats off to the legend that is Tony Hawk, if anyone could have done it, it would be him.


Check out Tony Hawk in action:

Levitating Magnetic Hoverboard

Levitating Magnetic Hoverboard

As we are keeping with the theme of ‘real’ Hoverboards, car manufacturer Lexus unveiled their version of the Hoverboard.

While it actually hovers, it will only do so in a specially constructed skate park. The released footage shows skateboarders testing the board with varying degrees of success.

The Hoverboard contains powerful magnets which are cooled to -197 degrees celsius with liquid Nitrogen, this then allows it to hover along a track hidden in the surface of the specially constructed skate park in Barcelona.

Lexus have stated that the Hoverboard is only a prototype and will not be available for sale. Click out the board in action below.


Safe Hoverboards & Swegways UK

Hoverboard Safety Study

Hoverboard Safety Study…

Hoverboard Safety Study

Urban areas pose many congestion, pollution and mobility problems, so new modes of transport are increasingly seen to represent an alternative to the widespread use of cars and motorcycles.

This study sets out to identify the standard parameters and safety requirements by evaluating different types of motorised personal transportation devices (MPTD’s). Swegways and electric scooters are two devices that can potentially meet the mobility requirements in such urban conditions. The centre for Electric Vehicle Experimentation in Quebec (CEVEQ) conducted a pilot project for evaluating motorised personal transportation devices (MPTD’s). This included the testing and evaluation of Swegways and electric scooters.


Objectives of The Hoverboard Safety Study

The study had numerous objectives including; to help find a regulatory framework for MTPD’s, to identify standardisation parameters and safety requirements, the evaluation of training and safe use aspects during tests. Additionally to determine the potential uses of the vehicles and to promote the use of environmentally friendly methods of transportation.

The methodology for achieving the objectives was to gather, analyse and summarise the information concerning Swegways and Electric Scooters in the United States and Europe. Operational, ergonomic evaluations were carried out as well as technical evaluations comprising of handling and performance tests were carried out in an enclosed test track environment and in a laboratory. The results were then collaborated with surveys carried out on users of motorised personal transportation devices.


Conclusion of The Hoverboard Safety Study

The results of the technical tests showed that both Swegways and electric scooters were stable, operated quietly and smoothly, they also gave users the feeling of being in control of the vehicle.

The ergonomic evaluation also showed that both Swegways and electric scooters are easy to use in normal situations involving dealing with obstacles for a broad range of users. The devices compared more favourably than other vehicles especially in terms of stability where they were superior to bicycles and mopeds.


The performance studies showed that electric scooters are easy to use in normal conditions and to get around obstacles, they surveys also showed that a large majority of test participants found all electric scooter movements easy to perform. Electric scooters were also found to be more popular with younger people and for recreational purposes.
You can read the full study by Clicking Here.

Trusted Hoverboard Company UK Swegways

Trading Standards Guidelines for Hoverboard Customers

Trading Standards Guidelines for Hoverboard Customers…

The popularity of Hoverboards has spiked in recent months reaching unprecedented levels, they have proven too be a massive hit with music artists sports stars and just about everyone in general.

Trading standards Guidelines for Hoverboard Customers

This has seen them become the most sought after gift last Christmas and the hottest selling gadget of the year.  

Their popularity has seen them all over the news, unfortunately sometimes for the wrong reason. The ever growing demand saw an influx of cheap, low quality Swegways hit the market and in an attempt to meet the demand, many manufacturers cut corners and compromised on safety.

The result was a crackdown on the unsafe Hoverboards reaching our shores, with the last few months keeping the UK Boarder Agency and Trading Standards busy preventing unsafe Hoverboards from reaching the British consumer market.
Over 17000 unsafe Swegways were seized, prompting the Charted Trading Standards Institute to produce the below guidelines for UK Hoverboard consumers.


Trading Standards Hoverboard Advice

Leon Livermore, chief executive, Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), said:

“Some products that are made abroad, principally for the overseas market, are not fitted with the correct plug and fuse for use in the UK.

“As a minimum consumers should check that the three pin plug on the device states it is made to BS 1363. If it doesn’t include this information, then don’t buy the product.”

SwegwayPro UK

Swegway Pro Uk is an established UK Hoverboard supplier, we take the safety of our customers seriously and do not compromise on the quality of our product.

All our Swegways are manufactured for the high standards of UK consumers and must pass rigorous testing and numerous quality control checks.
All our Hoverboards are fitted with UK fused plugs that are CE marked and made to BS 1363 and come fitted with heavy duty Samsung batteries that are ASDS approved.

UK Safe Hoverboard Plugs


UK Trading Standards Guidelines

For your benefit and peace of mind we have reproduced the Trading Standards Hoverboard consumer guidelines and our answer next to each section.


  • Try searching for reviews of the product or the seller – do these seem genuine?  

Check out our product reviews, and if you’re happy with our service, write us your own review.


  • Are there lots of spelling or grammar mistakes on the site? This can be a clue that a business is not professionally run.

Swegway Pro UK is an established UK Hoverboard supplier with a separate web publishing team.


  • See if you can find out where the company’s head office is based – and whether that fits with how the website presents itself.

Our office is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.


  • Do they have a landline number you can call if there are any problems? Bear in mind that if the company is based abroad, it can be more difficult to get a complaint dealt with or return a faulty product. 

For any further questions call our office landline on 0113 320 2299.


  • Read the small print – notice if anything seems odd, repetitive or in incorrect English.

We don’t do small print, what you see is want you get.


Visit the Online shop to view our product range, order now and you’ll receive free next day delivery and 1 year’s warranty.

For further information about any of our products or services, contact us or call our customer support line on 0113 320 2299.