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NEW Hoverboard Hoverkarts & Carts for Sale

We’re excited to announce the release of our NEW Hoverboard Hoverkarts & Carts for Sale! With all the latest funky designs to choose from, find yours today! Our latest range of Hoverkarts for sale brings with it a wave of funky new designs and patterns. Take a look at our amazing new upgraded Hoverboard Cart […]

Which Hoverboard Should I Buy?

A very frequent question our team are often asked is which Hoverboard should I buy? in this article, we highlight three primary models of Hoverboards available for sale. We will then outline the key characteristics of each Hoverboard. That way, customers can establish which Hoverboard is best for them to buy. When looking at which […]

Hoverboards in UK: What’s the Deal?

Buying Hoverboards in UK is a daunting task due to the large volume of sellers online. This article aims to help you make the right choice when buying the best Hoverboards for sale in the UK. One of the first things you will notice when searching for Hoverboards in UK for sale is the various […]

Premium Brand Hoverboards UK

Sellers of Premium Brand Hoverboards UK, SWEGWAY-PRO is the UK largest Hoverboard company. Buy from the best quality Hoverboards for sale online and in-store, exclusively from SWEGWAY PRO Hoverboards. At SWEGWAY PRO we do things very differently. For over 6 years since our establishment, our company is consistently growing and expanding to provide the UK […]

The Official Hoverboard Shop

SWEGWAY PRO would like to welcome you to our Official Hoverboard Shop. Customers can now visit our Hoverboard store and buy a Swegway online or at our retail shop. Our Store is open to the public for those wishing to collect a Hoverboard in person or view a selection of our premium Hoverboards for sale. […]

Hoverboards UK Christmas Sale

The Hoverboards UK Christmas Sale is now in full swing! Buy any of our premium brand UK Hoverboards for sale and get the best deals on this years Christmas! Welcome to our largest ever Hoverboard Christmas sale event. This year we bring you the finest Hoverboards for sale exclusively at SWEGWAY PRO. There’s no other […]

Free Hoverboard Skin With Every Pre-Order!

For a limited time, SWEGWAY-PRO is giving away a FREE Hoverboard Skin with all pre-order Hoverboards for sale this November 2019! Buy any one of our amazing pre-order Hoverboards and receive a free silicone skin case on the house. We want to say thank you to our loyal customers. Buying a premium Hoverboard from the […]

UK Hoverboard Seller and Stockist

The UK largest Hoverboard Seller and Stockist based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Providing the British public with premium Hoverboards for sale in the UK. Take a look at our extensive range of Hoverboards for sale, each made from British design and UK specification. When searching for a UK Hoverboard Seller and Stockist online, you’ll probably […]

Christmas Hoverboards UK of 2019

Looking for the best Christmas Hoverboards UK of 2019? SWEGWAY-PRO has the largest variety of the best Hoverboard Swegway deals to offer this Xmas! Take a look at our extensive range of Hoverboards for sale and the amazing deals you can take advantage of today. This morning the British nation seems to have woken up […]

UK Hoverboards That Are Safe to Buy

We know the difficulty of finding UK Hoverboards that are safe to buy. Over the years the Hoverboard industry has been full of cheap and potentially dangerous Hoverboards for sale. Over recent years there has been some bad publicity with regards to Hoverboards. We have heard the horror stories in the past of boards catching […]