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Best Hoverboards of 2019 – HOVERBOARD PRO

Here are the best Hoverboards, Swegways or Self-Balancing Boards of 2019. Each of these are available to buy in the UK for sale by SWEGWAY-PRO. Hoverboards are also known as mini-Segways, Swegways or self-balancing boards. Although generally known as Hoverboards, people tend to switch between one term or the other. However, one thing is for […]


Over the years the UK Hoverboard Sales has been growing. While many thought that Hoverboards for sale would deplete, the market is proving otherwise. Could the UK Hoverboard Sales market continue to grow? Will it be forever growing? In this article, we will highlight the current Hoverboard trends and how we believe the Hoverboard sales […]

Riding Hoverboards For The First Time? Some Tips!

Thinking of riding Hoverboards for the first time? If so, this helpful guide will give you all the necessary advice and tips to get riding on a Hoverboard. If you have never been on a Hoverboard before and are thinking of starting out then there is nothing to fear. Hoverboards are extremely popular with both […]

Retailers Encouraging Electric Scooters to be Illegally Ridden on UK Roads

In the latest investigation by ITV news, retailers are found encouraging electric scooters and Hoverboards to be illegally ridden on UK Roads. An investigation led by ITV‘s Chris Choi and Hannah Kings shows how some sellers are encouraging buyers of electric scooters to break the law and illegally ride them on UK roads. Currently, it […]

Last of August Hoverboard Sale

We’re reaching the last few days of the August Hoverboard Sale! So grab yourself the best deals on premium Hoverboards UK today before it’s too late. At SWEGWAY PRO we love giving you exclusive deals on the best Hoverboards for sale. In fact, each week we bring you one-off Hoverboard deals to make sure you’re […]

Hoverboard Shop With Good Reviews: Why is it important?

When looking at buying Hoverboards online here in the UK, it’s important to find a Hoverboard Shop with excellent Reviews. In this article, we explain why this is such an important task that could save you money and hassle later on.   When searching for Hoverboards on the internet, you may notice the very large […]

Hoverboard Offer: Chrome Purple and Yellow Bluetooth Hoverboards for Sale!

This week our Hoverboard offer is unmissable! Due to our deal of the week, customers are now able to grab the Chrome Purple and Yellow Bluetooth Hoverboards for sale at an absolute bargain. Purchase our exclusive Swegway bundles from just £209.99 inclusive of free next day delivery and a 1-year warranty! For a limited time […]

Can anyone ride a Hoverboard?

Can anyone ride a Hoverboard? This is dependent on the type of Hoverboards that you purchase. It also depends on whether or not you use a Hoverkart. In this article, we will highlight how anyone can ride a Hoverboard and what makes one rider more capable than the other. Generally, Hoverboards have a minimum weight […]

Hoverboards with Auto-Levelling Technology

Introducing the Hoverboards with Auto-Levelling Technology. What are they and what makes these Swegways any different to the standard Hoverboard? In this article, we will outline some of the key differences between this new 2019 Hoverboard technology and its previous model. Hoverboards all auto-level themselves. However, the point in which this phenomenon takes place has […]

Hoverboards with Next Day Delivery

Looking to buy Hoverboards with Next Day Delivery? If so, you’ve come to the right place. SWEGWAY PRO specialises in premium Hoverboards for sale with free delivery, guaranteed. At SWEGWAY PRO we’re committed to providing the best in UK Hoverboards and Swegways for sale. To make buying Hoverboards online as seamless as possible, we’re giving […]