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Hoverboard Deals and Bundles by SWEGWAY PRO

At SWEGWAY PRO we strive to provide consistent Hoverboard Deals and Bundles to keep customers happy. Our Big Spring Hoverboard Sale is now on! Grab a Hoverboard today with up to 75% off on all of our Hoverboards for sale. In addition to our Spring Sale, we are introducing the best of Hoverboards with our […]

Hoverboards and Scooters: Global Market

The global Hoverboards and Scooters market results of 2018 provides an introduction to the UK and global market. It offers tips and trends that can help businesses like ours understand the market more. These results also help create strategies for Hoverboard and Scooter businesses to grow as much as possible. The research report on Hoverboards […]

April Hoverboard Sale

It’s the first day of April and what better way to celebrate than on a Hoverboard. This isn’t April fools, but we are offering 75% off Hoverboards for sale. The month of April is full of events and surprises. We’re only a few days away from Easter so we’ve decided to kick off our huge […]

Delivery on Hoverboards

Delivery on Hoverboards and Fast Food companies can go hand in hand. If Hoverboards become legalised on UK roads, delivering food on a Hoverboard would be so much easier, faster and cheaper than a car or bike. There would be no need to park or wait in traffic. Delivering food on a Hoverboard would save […]

End of March 2019 Hoverboard Sale

It is now the end of March 2019 and the big Hoverboard sale will be ending. So take advantage while you can! With up to 75% off on all Hoverboards. March was the month that welcomed Spring, so we’re celebrating the coming of the new season with excellent Hoverboards for sale! Over the March 2019 […]

Great British Hoverboard Shop

Did you know that SWEGWAY PRO is an independent Great British Hoverboard Shop? We specialise in UK Hoverboards for sale made from British design. As a fully fledged UK Hoverboard company, we’re proud of our Swegway products and services. We’re especially proud of where we come from. While all the Hoverboards that you see online […]

Hoverboards and Scooters Save Time & Money

What is the real reason Hoverboards and Scooters save time and money? perhaps it is due to the fact that you won’t have to walk from your house to the bus, train station or work. Instead, you can glide on a Hoverboard at speeds that you can’t do on foot. Simply hopping on your Hoverboard […]


The Hoverboard Swegway craze has been the biggest thing for years now. Many thought that demand for these self-balancing scooters would slow down. However, the fact of the matter is that demand has never been higher. The Hoverboard is a fairly new innovation. However, it has consistently been developing over the years. When Hoverboard first […]

Hoverboard on a Jet

The most fascinating thing to spur from the Hoverboard craze is the Hoverboard on a jet! A jet powered machine that flies from one destination to the other. This jet powered Hoverboard can set you back a few thousand pounds and will take quite some learning to figure out. However, there is some hope for […]


Many are still unsure if Hoverboards are legal in the UK. Hoverboards are entirely legal to purchase in the UK. However, you’re only allowed to ride Swegways on private land or property. This includes your garden and private parks. Hoverboards are currently still illegal to ride on public roads and pavements. Hoverboards are in the […]