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This Valentines Day we bring you a story on real love and proper Hoverboard Couple Goals! A 78-Year-Old man using his Hoverboard to push his wife’s wheelchair. “In sickness and in health” is something often said at every wedding ceremony. However, here’s a couple that actually walks the walk – or should we say Hoverboards […]


For a limited time only and as part of our Deal of The Week, HOVERBOARD PRO is giving away the best Hoverboard deal on our Hoverkart bundle so far! Purchase any of our Green Hoverboard and Kart Bundle or Black-Camo Hoverboard and Kart Bundle for a chance to take advantage of our lowest bundle price […]

February 2019: Best Hoverboard for Sale UK

February 2019 is upon us and what perfect time to buy the best Hoverboard for Sale! UK’s #1 Hoverboards for sale both online and in our Shop. Providing only the greatest Hoverboards, 100% UK Compliant and Safe. Samsung batteries, 12 month warranty and FREE delivery with every order! This month is packed with surprises. We bring […]

Games Kids play using Hoverboards

Every wondered what games you can play using Hoverboards? Hoverboards can be more than just a mode of transportation. There are actually games that you can play using your Hoverboard, making them both practical and fun. If you are new to Hoverboards, these games can help you to get used to using your Hoverboard, transforming […]

UK Hoverboards 2019: Best Hoverboard Swegways for Sale

Our UK Hoverboards 2019 have never been better. We’re proud to announce the release of our newest range of the best Hoverboard Swegways for sale in the UK. It goes without saying that we think our UK Hoverboards 2019 range are the best in the country. Our Hoverboards for sale are designed by us here […]

Choosing the Best Self Balance Scooter for Kids

Hoverboards are the latest trend amongst teenagers as well as kids. These self-balancing scooters have taken a toll on the kids as it is easy to use and is also an easier ride compared to skateboards. If you too want to get a self-balance smart scooter for kids then it is necessary that you know about […]

Repair Hoverboards with SWEGWAY PRO

Let SWEGWAY PRO repair your Hoverboards with our reliable Hoverboard repairs service. We mend your broken or faulty Swegway using only the best parts. At SWEGWAY-PRO we can fix your Hoverboards with our most reliable Hoverboard Repair Service. Let us repair your broken Hoverboard or faulty Swegway using the best UK Swegway components at competitive […]


It’s 2019 and an exciting year ahead! Our Hoverboards 2019 for Sale are the best we’ve ever had. We’re excited to showcase the best in UK Swegways for sale. 2019 is upon us and it’s such an exciting year at SWEGWAY-PRO! Our UK Swegways and Hoverboards for Sale are the best we’ve ever had. With […]


Worried about purchasing a Hoverboard online and not getting it in time for Christmas? If so, collect a Hoverboard from our London store TODAY! It’s that time of year again. You need to purchase a Hoverboard for your children this Christmas but are left with very little to work with. It’s already days before Christmas […]

Motorised Hoverboard Chair takes Laziness to a whole new level!

This motorised Hoverboard chair takes laziness to a whole new level! A video posted on LadBible goes viral as a man makes a chair out of a Swegway. In this video viewed by almost 2-million people worldwide shows how one man customised his Hoverboard. The innovative method of changing a Hoverboard in to a motorised […]