Customer Service

Review for SWEGWAY PRO

I just have to say, I’m very impressed. I placed an order with swegway pro, for the hummer and kart bundle last night at 9.30pm. not 5 minutes later I get a call from a bloke asking me what colour kart I wanted!!! now that is personal service! what other company would go out of their way to call a customer at that time of night to make sure they get the product they want?! none, they would all be closed call centres and it would take another day to sort anything out. they obviously take pride in their business! I just hope the product is as good as the customer service, lol. I was stressing so much about getting this for my little man, i almost bought from …..that would have been a big mistake!! 2 stars on trustpilot and not one positive review this year!!! I used trustpilot to find swegway pro and was impressed by their 5 stars!! I have a good feeling about this, I’ll update when I receive the board!!!