Review for SWEGWAY PRO

Great guys to buy from. Bought the Hummer board for my boys Xmas present. It arrived quickly and all worked fine but something was rattling inside. I rang through to see if that was normal and the guys were not happy that it should be doing that and insisted I return it back at their cost to get it checked out. They managed to turn this round really quickly and the board was returned well in time for Xmas. Top customer service. They also kept me updated via Whats app which was a nice touch especially as my wife was panicking that it might not be turnaround in time for xmas and this is our boys main present this year. Buy with confidence from these guys because if something does go wrong they absolutely sort it and that’s what you want. Anyone can take your money and deliver quickly its how they respond to problems thats the true test and they’ve really done that. Thank you.