Hummer Hoverboard and Kart

Review for SWEGWAY-PRO

I wanted to buy a hoverboard and kart as a Christmas present for my daughter and after lots of internet research I decided to call Swegway Pro. They called me straight back and were very helpful in explaining all of the various options and things to be aware of – please be careful who you buy from as there are lots of popup websites appearing at this time of year who sell inferior products and will be long gone come the new year. Many of them are not actually based in the UK even though they say they are. Swegway Pro are UK based and have a shop in Leeds. I placed my order via the website and received confirmation emails not long after, along with the next day shipping emails from DPD. As promised the DPD delivery arrived the next day and I decided to give the hoverboard a quick test before Christmas. I’m very impressed with the Hummer board, the quality is excellent and I’m sure my daughter will be delighted on Christmas day. I highly rate this company and would be happy to recommend them to anyone.